Saturday, November 8, 2008

Germaphobe? Me?

I'll admit it. I don't worry about germs very much. I love my house to be clean and my workstation at work and I wash my hands a million times when I'm cooking or applying makeup; but for the most part, when I walk out the door I don't see germs and parasites lurking everywhere.

I know people that carry baby wipes in their purse to wipe off tables in restaurants or to wipe their hands after handling money.

I know people that carry little plastic baggies in their suitcases when traveling so they can put the hotel tv remote control in it. (Cuz you know the first thing men grab after having sex.)

I even know people that wash their car and/or house keys after someone else has handled them.
I know that are lots of other people out there that have their little quirks, but I've never really thought of myself as one of them.

But lately I've been thinking a lot about Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags such as these:

It all started last week when I went to Trader Joe's and a woman at the checkout next to mine had to run out and get her "Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags" from her car, and that got me to thinking.

I know that right now in my trunk I have a tennis racket, an old smelly pair of my son's shoes, some books and papers that have been in there two years or so, my car's tire jack, a bunch of plastic bags, an old plastic bag full of tennis balls, a birthday present with Victoria's Secret lotions that I never gave to the person and an umbrella.

Say I used "Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags", and these bags are sitting under my son's smelly shoes, or say I had an SUV and my bags are thrown in the back where I put my dog and he rolls around and sheds all over the back, or say I ride a bike and I ride it all over the bike trail over roadkill, dog poop...well you get the picture. And I have my "Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags" in the same location. How sanitary do you think those bags are?

Now I guess if I want to put my groceries into those unsanitary bags, well that's my business and I'll live with those germs. But say Mrs. Brown with the big hairy dog and six kids puts those dirty, nasty, germ-filled bags on the same grocery counter where my groceries are going to go. Do I want her germs?

Am I being weird, because I usually don't think about these things, but this sort of bothers me. What do you think? Would it bother you?

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  1. Darn Tooten it does. I admire "green" but you know how I am. a minor germ a phobic


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