1. I had a sciatica issue that I put up with for only six months before I sought medical attention and got an MRI. Until then, the pain was temporarily relieved by chiropractic treatment. It turned out that I had a cyst lodged in my spinal column and slight stenosis (narrowing) of the spine. I had surgery and left that pain behind. But, the area gets stiff, especially when I play tennis. I make sure I stretch and work my core muscles every day. You didn't say it, but have you had an MRI and do you work on your core?

  2. Kim Alison Hazel - Thanks for stopping by. I have been working on my core since July of this year and that's why this was so devastating! I felt so strong and health before this episode. I was certain it was behind me. I will continue though and I hope you continue with your stretching and strengthening of your core as well. Thank you for your comment!

    Oh by the way, you posted this in my food tab. I'm working in trying to figure out how to move foods posts in here, so check back :)


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