Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Camping Weekend - A Little Art, A Lot of Walking and a Sweet Puppy

Had a great time this past weekend camping with my sister. We left on Friday morning and I came back on Sunday afternoon and as I write this, she is still there with her husband and they are due to come back tomorrow. Lucky Duck!

We managed to have a great time even in the short time I was there. One of the reasons is that we had this cute little girl with us! My daughters dog Chorizo! In this picture she's stressing out because my sister had gotten out of the car. Chorizo has to have all "her people" with her at all times! She's a character!

But she made it so much fun for us and kept us active because we had to walk her so much. She loves her walks! She also loved how beautiful the grass was there. Anytime she had a chance she would sit or roll around in it! She was in paradise!

When we were at the campsite she even commandeered this chair as her very own, just napping and barking at any other dogs that dared to walk in front of our space!

She always scopes out the best places and makes them her own. Here was her spot inside the RV. She could look outside and see what was going on and still see everything that we were doing inside the RV.

But her favorites place to be had to be at the edge of the ocean or anywhere that she could smell the ocean and everything that came with it...seagull poop being one of her favorites smells!

She had the best time and we had a great time. Always a pleasure to hang out with my sister, she's the greatest!

Here's our campsite. It was super safe and comfortable and I wish I were there right now! Hey, I just realized Chorizo was in her chair looking back at me when I took this picture. Sorry to wake you Chorizo! 

I even had a chance to get some artwork done. Just a simple page with doodles of flowers and a random little bee. I found the "Enjoy the Moment" sticker in a beach magazine and it was perfect for this weekend. I did enjoy every single moment!

Til we meet again sweet ocean Paradise...we will always have the memory!


  1. It seems Chorizo is a very intelligent puppy. She also looks cute. The combination of cuteness and intelligence makes her priceless.

    Camping by the sea is great for relaxation and recreation.
    It was wise of you to join your sister's RV for a wonderful weekend. Even art was not neglected during this short time! Now, you have the energy for going on with your daily life.

    1. Chorizo is very intelligent, but a bit high strung and getting more skittish as she gets older. She doesn't tolerate quick movements and loud noises very much anymore, poor baby. But she is priceless and before her I never really cared for dogs, but I adore this little creature!

      It's amazing what the sea can do to calm people down. Even now, 4 days later I still feel amazingly calm. A great time was had by all! :)

  2. What a cutie that Chorizo is! So glad you had a great time but who wouldn't....beautiful scenery, a comfortable RV and the ocean! Lucky you! Your art work is so pretty and says it all!

  3. What a sweet little friend you've got there, Alicia.


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