Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throw Back Thursday - What I Was Thinking About Back in 2010 - Vagazzling!

I've been trying to blog more often and as such have been going back and reading some of my past posts and I found this one and thought it hilarious and thought I would re-share it. Here's a post from March of 2010. Enjoy!

I've been hearing a couple of things on the news lately that have captured my interest.

First...and I bring up this subject tentatively, wondering which way to go with it. Have you all heard about Vagazzling?

It seems to be all I've been hearing; on late night, online, early morning radio, emails.

On the way to work I listen to the Bob and Tom Show and for the past three days it's been all about the Vagazzle.

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the George Lopez Show and she happened to mention that her private parts are ahem...decorated. Decorated with Crystals, making her private part look like a big Disco Ball (her words, not mine).

So I went to Bob and Tom's website to get more information and they have a youtube video of Bryce Gruber from the website The Luxury Spot being filmed while she gets  vagazzled.

Here's the video in case you want to watch it. It's not risque or anything, very tastefully done and you get to see what this is all about.

Doesn't that just beat all? My biggest issue with it is that I'm just tired, tired of having to be decorated up all the time. Already every morning I have to apply makeup, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, etc. Then I have to do my hair. Then I have to get dressed and choose a nice outfit, earrings, necklace, shoes, purse (aren't you exhausted just reading this?). Then there's lipstick.

Plus now you have to decorate your va-jay-jay? I don't think so! It's all well and good for Jennifer Love Hewitt and it beats getting a tattoo down there (and I know of someone that has a tattoo down there that says "Feelin Lucky"). At least with a Vagazzle it washes off eventually and doesn't harm anything except maybe snag your panties, right?

What are your thoughts on this? Yay or Nay on the vagazzling of the va-jay-jay?

The second thing that captured my interest this week is about the air traffic controller that let his children direct air traffic. Have you heard about this?

The story is that a veteran air traffic controller took both his son and his daughter; on separate days; to work with him and allowed them to direct air traffic. The kids are recorded repeating word for word what their father tells them. The audio clips have played over and over on many news stations. The dad has been suspended by the FAA while they review the situation.

Now ok, the dad was a dufus-head to do this, but c'mon. Does he deserve to lose his job over this? It was definitely a lapse in judgement but according to everything I've read, no one was hurt, no damage done. Slap him on the hands and make a rule that no one can bring their children to work and let them direct air traffic and let the poor guy get on with his life. Geesh!

But of course, there are many people with very valid reasons as to why he should be terminated...what do you think?

These are just two items that I kept thinking about throughout the day for the past two days. Your thoughts?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beginning Art Class and Artwork - Amazing Talent!

I've shared with you my new hobby/obsession, which is Art. On July 2nd I did a post showing you some of my beginning sketches using 1 point perspective and ending the post with a photo of a drawing/painting that I hope to do someday in the future on a backyard fence. You can see that post HERE

Nope, I'm no where near ready to paint that fence, but getting closer and closer as I continue to practice and learn. Stick with me, we'll get there.

Then on August 7th I shared a post showing you my final Art Project that was on display at our Art Reception. My beautiful yet tired Ballerina! You can see that post HERE

My last post on August 13 was about the class project, which was of an old piano that was brought back to life and will now continue to be displayed publicly so that others can use it in the future and continue to love art and music! You can see that post HERE

This is the group of beginning artists that were in my art class. A very talented and friendly group of people!

I'd love now to share their artwork. Such diversity, such talent, such creativity! Human beings are so amazing in the ability to learn something and by applying their own thoughts and interests make it specifically theirs!

First off my beautiful sister Lisa! She displayed a sketch with a beautiful mermaid. It had a lot of detail and was quite a complex project. I think she did an amazing job! Here she is with her project which she entitled "Under the Sea with Me!" Not only did her blouse match the piano, it also matched the sea atmosphere of her sketch!

She also displayed another sketch that leads her to believe that she may have another career path in becoming a police department sketch artist! Here's her sketch entitled, "Looking at You". 

Our friend Lupe also took the class and she displayed two pieces, one which was chosen by the instructor Marcelo showing her talent with one point perspective. (Photographers comment - these photos are taken with a cell phone and the artwork is framed so there was a lot of glare and reflections, that's why you see the various shadows, that is not a ghost on the left side!)

For her final project Lupe displayed a piece of art she called Wasco Roses. Wasco is the Rose Capital of the world and she lives there so it was quite fitting!

I wish I could have gotten pictures of all the artwork but my phone unfortunately was running out of room and wouldn't let me take anymore, so I got what I could.

And to finish this off some artwork displayed by our instructors. First this one by Dulce, "Light Rolling Thru Trees". 

Our instructor Marcelo displayed three pieces which he ended up raffling off! I was so disappointed in not winning any of them, because they were so beautiful. I especially love the door.

Again I have to say that I really enjoyed this art class and hope to continue drawing and learning. Thank you Marcelo and Dulce for being so generous with your time and talent. 

Thank you Lisa and Lupe for going with me and for being so encouraging! I hope we get to draw together often!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Piano Lives On - Class Art Project

As promised I want to share with you the Art Project that we did in a recent Art Class I took. 

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the original project before we started. It didn't dawn on me that I would want to blog about it. Luckily once we got it primed I realized it would make a great blog post so I did take a picture of it after the class.

I had heard about projects like this where older pianos are painted and left in public places where people are invited to sit and play a tune. One of them is Play Me, I'm Yours. I was so excited to be a part of public art such as this!

My sister Lisa though was devastated! She felt that it was sacrilegious to take a beautiful old piano crafted by someone with love and just paint it, cover the old wood! She wouldn't even take part! She couldn't even watch!

The second week we applied the blue paints in different shades using different textures. I'll admit at this point I was starting to feel like Lisa because I wasn't thrilled with the way it was painted. I expect a bright sky blue and not the dark and light mixture...but I was willing to remain optimistic about it, but just barely. Lisa still couldn't even watch and she vocally was very opposed. She's such an old soul!

Here is a close up of the beautiful hand carved detail of the piano. I could see how Lisa would hate to see this covered up.

The next week our Art Teacher, Marcelo Rodriguez began sketching the almond branches and other artwork that was going to be on the piano.

In this picture you can make out the rough pencil sketching that he was doing on the piano. He had a lot of faith that we, his beginning art students, could make magic out of those lines!

But here's Marcelo and he got the ball rolling by painting the branches on one side and some flowers and then he pretty much let us...his students do the rest!

Is that not gorgeous! It was amazing to watch him mixing the colors on a simple paper plate and have them turn into magic!

Even I got in on the action right away and anyone can tell you I've never thought of myself as having an artistic bone in my body! Here I am painting the almond blossoms themselves!

Here's a closeup of the almond blossom detail. See how they aren't perfect up close but step back a few inches and it just becomes perfection. You'll see in the end result.

While the rest of us continued painting branches and blossoms Marcelo used his artistic skills to complete the bottom and front of the piano.

See his palette is just a simple paper plate using just a few basic colors and Voila! Look what he created in just a few minutes while laying on the floor and the rest of us walking around him!

I didn't think it could be done, I didn't know how we were going to accomplish this project in time, but here it is at the Art Reception last week! And Lisa who was not on-board at the beginning even unknowingly matched her blouse to the was meant to be!

That next week the piano was moved to the Wasco Farmers Market with a sign on it that said "Public Piano - Be A Player" and people were invited to play it! I've put the link on here, but not sure if you will be able to see it since it's a Facebook video, but the lady playing is the manager of the farmers market. 

Isn't this just amazing? The piano has a whole new fresh look and now a whole new generation of piano players and music lovers will be able to share in the joy of this piano...that we painted! I'm in awe!

I can't wait to take beginning painting with Marcelo! If you have a local paint night in your area take it! You will find out how much fun this is, how relaxing and what a great sense of pride and accomplishment art can provide!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Jack of All Trades, Mistress of None Posts

I received a great response on my last blog post about my art class and final project. Maybe not in the comment section of my blog, but certainly on Facebook.

One of my most loyal blog readers (Thank you DUTA) made me stop to think about my artwork and other activities that I am involved in and I responded to her comment with this: 

"Thank you! Unfortunately as I've said before, I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of None...or perhaps Mistress of none? 

I can cook, but not well enough to be a chef. I can write, but not well enough to author a book, I can dance, but not well enough to be on Dancing with the Stars, and now I can draw but alas...never enough to have my work displayed at an exhibition.

Now perhaps if I just narrowed down my list of activities and stuck with only one I could master that one, but I think I prefer being a Jack of All Trades and just moving around like a busy little bee!"

I do have many activities that I am a part of and enjoy but I've mastered none of them. I just flit about like a little busy bee from one flower to another. And you know what? It's makes me happy to be so-so at so many things!

Just last week I made Kabobs for the first time! Beautiful right? But I had to google a recipe, I can never just pull stuff out of thin air like I see them do on Master Chef. I'm a recipe girl, not a cook or chef.

I've also recently taken up line dancing and while I'm enjoying myself and I've taken line dancing before, I can actually only do the Mustang Sally! But I'm getting there.

You all know I blog and I've enjoyed my little blog for years and sometimes I go back and read something I wrote years ago and I think to myself "Wow, you're good!"  Yet I know I don't have a book in me, or even a How-To Manual, I'm just happy writing down things when I get inspired.

I've taken some pictures through the years that I've really loved, but I am far from being a great photographer! I can't even remember settings on my phone, let alone settings on cameras and lenses!

Here's a photo I especially love! It just seems very artistic to me and alive. There's joy and excitement in the photo and that is what appeals to me about great photographers; it's how I feel when I look at their pictures.

Here's another one of a Dahlia I grew last year. Again, I'm not a gardener but every once in a while I hit one out of the park and it actually grows!

The photo appeals to me because of the coloring, the blue background, almost looking like I caught the last of the sunlight when I took this photo. I feel peaceful looking at this, knowing there is so much beauty in such simple things.

I've tried lightening up the photo but I don't feel the same thing when I look at it with brighter lighting. When I look at this next picture it's just a pretty picture. What do you think?

Anyway, thank you DUTA for inspiring this post with your comment. I'm grateful for my faithful readers but would it kill ya to post a comment? I mean really??? Would it?  Hahaha! Truthfully, I live for comments!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why Art is Addictive and my New Obsession

I mentioned in a previous blog post I wrote on July 2nd that I was taking an art class and I posted this picture...

Can you believe that with a little perseverance and practise and time and the diligent instruction from my Art Teacher Marcelo that I was able to display this as my final Art Project at our end of class Art Reception?

I have to say I'm pretty damned proud of myself! This is my adaptation of a painting posted by a childhood friend of mine on Facebook who had visited the Hilbert Museum in Orange. Here's a photo of his of the actual painting and a short blurb about the artist Emil Kosa Jr. Thanks Jim Bronson for the inspiration!

I also displayed another drawing of bees that I did. This is probably my favorite of all the sketches that I did and the one I enjoyed the most while doing it. I just really loved them and they were so easy to draw.

I so enjoyed this class and was sad to see it end, but we can look forward to a Beginning Painting Class in September. In another post I'll share some of the art work of my fellow classmates and a special class project that we did.