About Me

Hello! Welcome to Titere con Bonete!

My name is Alicia and let me start out by saying that I am a Jack of All Trades and Master of None when it comes to my blogging style! Meaning that I write about any and all things...well maybe not politics but everything else.

I always dreamed of becoming a Writer but never had the discipline or creativity to do so. This blog is my way of somewhat fulfilling my dream and feeding that writing bug that I get once in a while.

So look around, there's plenty of variety as I write about food, dieting, family, adventures, travels and just whatever floats my boat!

I hope you enjoy my little piece of the web and that you come back and visit often. 



  1. Alicia, so glad to see your blog that you fuel from your inner passion! Your thoughts and style make it easy and fun to read. Thanks for writing and sharing!

  2. Deborah Blackwell, thank you for visiting and commenting. Being that you are a blogger yourself you know we live for those comments! I enjoyed your blog as well and hope to visit often and get caught up on your posts!


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