Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday, 1 day late

I know I was supposed to do an Iwanna Wednesday post yesterday but it was a really bad/sad day for me.

My dad's birthday is on Monday, May 4th. He's going to be 78 years old and he had to renew his California drivers license.

He went to go take the test and he DID NOT PASS!! I believe he missed more than half the questions.

I was devastated! Your car is your freedom and now he might not be able to drive anymore? My dad loves to drive. Granted he doesn't drive far anymore, but he loves to get into his truck and take one of his grand kids to the 99cent store or the Chippy store for candy. He'd jump into his truck to go visit his sister and to go to Mass every morning. How was he going to be able to drive around and visit people, or buy banana's or go to the bank?

I will admit that I cried all through American Idol, and if you know me, you know how much I love American Idol. I definitely was in no mood to Iwanna anything for me...all I really Iwanna'd was for my dad to have his drivers license.

I cried myself to sleep and I cried all the way to work!
Then, around 3pm today, my sister called me and sang, "I've got Sunshine, on a cloudy day"! And I was thinking, what the heck? And then she told me that she had just talked to my dad and he went back today and he PASSED THE TEST!

Whoooooo hoooooo, daddy is still mobile!
So my Iwanna wish came true, just one day late!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Naranja Dulce, Limon Partido

I have to say I had the best childhood in the world and I have so many fond and happy memories. One of the fondest memory is of a game we used to play with all the cousins and tia's. I remember playing it most when we would all make a trip to the "campo santo", cemetery. We would take a car trip from Eloy to Florence and somewhere in the middle there was this huge tree and the tia's would all pull over (probably to give all us kids a break from being cooped up in a car). In those days there was no such thing as private property, fences or signs. You could hang out pretty much anywhere in Arizona and no one would run you off.

I remember this huge tree and the fondest memory is of Tia Nico who would gather all of us kids around in a circle, holding hands to play "Naranja Dulce, Limon Partido". Translated it's "Sweet Orange, Lemon Sliced". I'm not sure what the title of it means but I did a google search and there are a ton more lyrics to this song. I never knew that! The only thing we sang was,

"Naranja Dulce,
Limon Partido,
Dame un abrazo
que yo te pido".


"Sweet Orange,
Lemon slices,
give me a hug
because I ask it of you".

I remember having a ton of cousins every time we played and we would hold hands and go around in a circle and at the end of the song, we each had to hug someone else. And as I remember it, that was it. There was no winner, no loser, we would just hug and then do it all over again, and again, and again. I don't ever remember getting bored of the game.

Each Easter we play this game in our family, this year I recorded it! I think most of the kids are getting too old for it, but I hope they look back at the game and remember their tia's, tio's and cousins and smile.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Wow, bet you thought I was going to forget my Iwanna Wednesday. Well I didn't. This week Iwanna a Persian Kitten. A long time ago, 1979 to be exact I had one. My then boyfriend, now ex-husband bought me a beautiful Persian kitten which he gave me when I graduated from Bakersfield College.

She looked just like this kitten...
and we named her Norman.

I loved Norman to bits but once I got married and we were living in an apartment I wasn't able to keep Norman so my mom and dad took care of her. Yes, she was a female named ex husband named her. Why Norman I don't know but that was her name.

My parents spoiled her silly. Norman was a very finicky eater and my mom would buy raw hamburger meat and roll it into little raw meatballs and she would take them out of the freezer and that is what Norman would eat.

And my dad would trim her fur. Norman was a long hair Persian and had ton's of fur that had to be brushed almost three times a day. Of course my mom and dad didn't have time to do that so Norman's fur would get all knotted and matted up and sometimes she couldn't even walk. My dad would just chop off all the matted fur and she looked so sad and pathetic with all her fur just chopped and hacked off, but at least she could walk.

I don't really have the time and energy in my life right now to have a Persian, or any type of cat at all. But someday, maybe when I retire Iwanna Persian.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Happy Place

From the beginning of this blog I always promised myself that this would be a happy place, an uplifting place; a place for me to display my wry sense of humor and my excellent writing and verbal skills :0)

Even through all my cancer ordeal I kept my spirits up and chose to see the funniness in having cancer. So today, I read about the Perez Hilton/Miss California ordeal and I was halfway through writing a blog about my feelings about it when I realized that the whole thing is a negative vibe subject and I don't want to deal with negativness on my blog. Suffice it to say...YOU GO MISS CALIFORNIA!

And instead of getting all bogged down in the negativity and spitefulness of Perez Hilton I give you this, a happy song from my past and a beautiful happy place to view while you listen...

Be a light, not a judge. Be a model, not a critic. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.--Stephen R. Covey

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I know that this video has been around a long time. I remember watching it when it first came out but then I never remembered it again. Today I just happened to stumbleupon it while stumbling and finding this website. I hope you enjoy and remember to visit this website to see the list of 99 things you should already have seen on the internet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stop Spending Our Money!

Stop spending our money!

This was just one of the many signs being used today to protest taxes. Today April 15th is well known as being the day we all pay "our fair share". But with the recent problems with our economy and this recession and in California an increase in sales tax to 8.25% people are wondering just how FAIR our SHARE really is.

So today people took to the "Streets of Bakersfield" and many other streets all throughout the country to protest government spending and taxes and to have their voices heard.

I really don't know much about the whole movement; I just happened to get a glimpse of some of the protests this morning which watching the Today show, but apparently in Bakersfield thousands gathered by the Liberty Bell on Truxtun to protest...including the lady pictured above. Love the hat!

My reason to posting about Tea Bay Day is because of a post on one of my favorites blogs to read, The Bloggess. If you want to really get a laugh, and you don't mind a tad, little bit of questionable language, please check our her post today entitled, The time I got verbally assaulted at HEB. Be ready for a laugh.

Do you feel we've been taxed enough?

Iwanna Wednesday

Happy belated Easter and welcome to another session of Iwanna Wednesday. The only day of the week that I can Iwanna anything I wanna and no one can tell me I can't have it! Actually I can't have most of the things Iwanna, but you can't stop me from Iwanna'ing them :0)

This Easter while sitting around my mom's kitchen table with my family I noticed a beautiful necklace that my niece Alicia was wearing. It was a little birdcage with a little bird, something like this one.

I have a theory about jewelry that I have actually put into play and I have rules and everything but for some reason no one wants to follow my theory and it's rules.

My theory is all about giving your jewelry to someone that is lusting after it after they have admired (not asked, ADMIRED) it three times.

I started this a few years ago when I had this really cute bracelet that was costume, it wasn't expensive and it wasn't anything that was a gift from someone or had sentimental value...I just loved it. While out dancing one night, I made friends with a couple, Ruben and Raelynn. The first time I met Raelynn, she admired the bracelet. A few weeks later, she happened to mention to me how much she loved that bracelet again. I told myself and my date that the next time she admired that bracelet I was going to give it to her.

A few weeks later I ran into this couple and again Raelynn admired the bracelet and so I gave it to her. I told her that I had promised myself that if she admired it one more time, I would give it to her. She was THRILLED! She couldn't believe I was giving it to her. I just took it off and placed it on her arm.

And you know what? She became a BFF that very same day and I've received many a gift from her and Ruben, plus their true friendship...which is worth way more than that bracelet was worth.

So I have a coworker who wears this gorgeous costume necklace, gold with red stones and it's really long...Iwanna it!!! Big time. So I admired it once, then a few weeks later I admired it again, and yet a few more weeks later that's like three times right?

Remember I said that I had rules to my theory?

Well rule #1 is that the third time someone admires a piece of jewelry, you have to give it to them as long as:
Rule #2 It's not expensive
Rule #3 It wasn't a gift from someone
Rule #4 It had no sentimental value

I explained all this to the coworker, and you know what she did? She said tough luck, you ain't getting it! I mean seriously, she now knows the story and the rules and she chose not to give it to me? You know what that means? That she doesn't want my true friendship forever and that she's just mean and selfish! :-)

So anyway, I admired my niece's necklace and she only has to wear it two more times in front of me and I will OWN that baby! Cause third times a charm. But just in case she's mean and selfish like my coworker, I decided to shop online for my own Iwanna Birdcage Necklace. I didn't find one exactly like Alicia's, but I did find these...

So beware of the Iwanna the next time she admires your jewelry...because third times the charm!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Well, no birthday this Wednesday and no April Fools, just another installment of the item Iwanna for the week.

My brother and his wife have these really cool rocking chairs on their front porch/patio? And I have always coveted them, or Iwanna'd them. So that's what I've been Iwanna'ing since the weather has turned nicer. I want the chairs below so that I can sit on my front porch and just watch the world go by and yell at kids that walk on my grass and do those normal things that we do as we get older :0)

Just kidding, but aren't these nice? I love the little table too. This is my Iwanna for this week. And because I'm not selfish, Iwanna two chairs, so that I can share with whoever wants to drop by and bring me a milkshake or an ice cream cone...(hint, hint).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Senior Moment

My daughter April sent me this in email and I love it! As I've gotten older I find that young little shit's are now making fun of my age much the same way I made fun of old fart's age when I was a young little shit and you know what? I don't like it. Nope, not one little bit. So I really love this old fart's reply to the young little shit. Hope you do too.

Oh, by the on the image to enlarge it to a size that even old fart's can read :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday ~ April Fools!

I just realized it's Thursday and I totally missed Iwanna Wednesday! I know! Whats up with that? Well I have a great excuse. It was my first born's birthday and we celebrated with a great time.

So really it was a great Iwanna day because I always Iwanna get my nails done and we did! We got Manicures. And I always Iwanna great food and we had a great dinner and luscious margarita's at Outback.

I always Iwanna spend time with people I love and I did!