Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Well, no birthday this Wednesday and no April Fools, just another installment of the item Iwanna for the week.

My brother and his wife have these really cool rocking chairs on their front porch/patio? And I have always coveted them, or Iwanna'd them. So that's what I've been Iwanna'ing since the weather has turned nicer. I want the chairs below so that I can sit on my front porch and just watch the world go by and yell at kids that walk on my grass and do those normal things that we do as we get older :0)

Just kidding, but aren't these nice? I love the little table too. This is my Iwanna for this week. And because I'm not selfish, Iwanna two chairs, so that I can share with whoever wants to drop by and bring me a milkshake or an ice cream cone...(hint, hint).

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