Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Wow, bet you thought I was going to forget my Iwanna Wednesday. Well I didn't. This week Iwanna a Persian Kitten. A long time ago, 1979 to be exact I had one. My then boyfriend, now ex-husband bought me a beautiful Persian kitten which he gave me when I graduated from Bakersfield College.

She looked just like this kitten...
and we named her Norman.

I loved Norman to bits but once I got married and we were living in an apartment I wasn't able to keep Norman so my mom and dad took care of her. Yes, she was a female named Norman...my ex husband named her. Why Norman I don't know but that was her name.

My parents spoiled her silly. Norman was a very finicky eater and my mom would buy raw hamburger meat and roll it into little raw meatballs and she would take them out of the freezer and that is what Norman would eat.

And my dad would trim her fur. Norman was a long hair Persian and had ton's of fur that had to be brushed almost three times a day. Of course my mom and dad didn't have time to do that so Norman's fur would get all knotted and matted up and sometimes she couldn't even walk. My dad would just chop off all the matted fur and she looked so sad and pathetic with all her fur just chopped and hacked off, but at least she could walk.

I don't really have the time and energy in my life right now to have a Persian, or any type of cat at all. But someday, maybe when I retire Iwanna Persian.

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