Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday, 1 day late

I know I was supposed to do an Iwanna Wednesday post yesterday but it was a really bad/sad day for me.

My dad's birthday is on Monday, May 4th. He's going to be 78 years old and he had to renew his California drivers license.

He went to go take the test and he DID NOT PASS!! I believe he missed more than half the questions.

I was devastated! Your car is your freedom and now he might not be able to drive anymore? My dad loves to drive. Granted he doesn't drive far anymore, but he loves to get into his truck and take one of his grand kids to the 99cent store or the Chippy store for candy. He'd jump into his truck to go visit his sister and to go to Mass every morning. How was he going to be able to drive around and visit people, or buy banana's or go to the bank?

I will admit that I cried all through American Idol, and if you know me, you know how much I love American Idol. I definitely was in no mood to Iwanna anything for me...all I really Iwanna'd was for my dad to have his drivers license.

I cried myself to sleep and I cried all the way to work!
Then, around 3pm today, my sister called me and sang, "I've got Sunshine, on a cloudy day"! And I was thinking, what the heck? And then she told me that she had just talked to my dad and he went back today and he PASSED THE TEST!

Whoooooo hoooooo, daddy is still mobile!
So my Iwanna wish came true, just one day late!

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  1. Oh My lovely sister. I am so glad you "wasted" one of your I wanna wishes on our dad... And even gladder that it came true. You have the greatest kindest hearts of anyone I know. You have a Lion Heart - Fierce, Loving and strong. I am so proud of you. Thank you for Iwanna-ing my dad his license.


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