Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stop Spending Our Money!

Stop spending our money!

This was just one of the many signs being used today to protest taxes. Today April 15th is well known as being the day we all pay "our fair share". But with the recent problems with our economy and this recession and in California an increase in sales tax to 8.25% people are wondering just how FAIR our SHARE really is.

So today people took to the "Streets of Bakersfield" and many other streets all throughout the country to protest government spending and taxes and to have their voices heard.

I really don't know much about the whole movement; I just happened to get a glimpse of some of the protests this morning which watching the Today show, but apparently in Bakersfield thousands gathered by the Liberty Bell on Truxtun to protest...including the lady pictured above. Love the hat!

My reason to posting about Tea Bay Day is because of a post on one of my favorites blogs to read, The Bloggess. If you want to really get a laugh, and you don't mind a tad, little bit of questionable language, please check our her post today entitled, The time I got verbally assaulted at HEB. Be ready for a laugh.

Do you feel we've been taxed enough?

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