Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday Favorites ~ Friday Nights

It's time for Sunday Favorites hosted by Happy to Design.

This is when we get to share a favorite post from the past and take a creative break from blogging. So please enjoy my repeat of a post of my sister and I sharing a Friday together. When you're done, please leave a comment as I love to know what you thought and if you like what you read, become a follower, over there on the right, just click on Follow. Thanks for stopping by!


We have a tradition, my sis and I. Every Friday we try to do something together. Most of the time it's dinner somewhere new or an old fav, or we go shopping or do Walmart and Wendy's, but this Friday my sis proclaimed that she had had a really rough week and nothing else would do but to get Pedicures! Well powder my butt and call me Princess....that's one of my fav things.

We went to one of my fav places, Top Nail.
And since it was our special Friday treat we went for the whole enchilada...the Spa Pedi!

I know, it looks intimidating, but if it were a man I would marry it! This amazing chair treats your feet. You relax while your feet soak in warm, aromatic water. While your feet are soaking, pressured jets gently massage away those aches and pains.

This amazing chair also has a state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back massage system. The roller back system works on applying pressure to all the right spots providing several different functions: compression, kneading, percussion and rolling.
We sat there and chit-chatted while soft spoken Vietnamese women pamper our tootsies, *sigh* sheer bliss!

Once all the pampering is done, we get our little tootsies massaged, decuticled? (is that a word) and polished.

And Wa-la, here are the results!

My Sis's tootsies. She was going to a Black Tie fundraiser the next night so she opted for the dressier polish job with the flower and the little crystal ruby on the big toe.

Here's my tootsies. I opted for the more casual polish as I didn't have anything to do the next night *sigh again*.

Pretty huh? I wish we could have gotten manicures, but that wasn't in the budget for this Friday as we still had to have dinner.

Just a quick note on dinner. We went to one of our favorite Mexican places, Mexicali. I had two margaritas and I felt them both! I was slightly tipsy which made the rest of the evening oodles of fun, for me anyway as Lisa was now the designated driver!

Ok, so then as Lisa had this special event the next night we decided to go shoe shopping. Now I know there are many that would not be caught dead in a Payless Shoe Store, but I love, love, love that store. I've bought many expensive shoes at other places and they have always hurt my feet, but for some reason any shoe bought at Payless has never, ever hurt and they last forever!

My Sis ended up with these beautiful black, strappy shoes. They looked great with her dress and her new pedicure.

I tried on several shoes and really liked these, but as I didn't have any special event to go to, I didn't buy anything *sigh*. My Friday was just one big *sigh* fest!

So after shoe shopping, Lisa decided that she would like to color her hair. She'd been trying to get me to color mine a kind of burgundy color but I don't know, it's just not me, so she thought she would try it. We went to Longs which was in the same shopping center as Payless (now mind you, I'm still pretty buzzed so it was all fun for me). We bought the hair color and came back to my house where I colored her hair and we called it a day. I think it took me longer to write this than it took to do all this.

So here she is with her new haircolor and new shoes the next day off to go to her Black Tie Event. Beautiful, don't you agree?

Here's a closer pic so you can see the new haircolor. It really doesn't show up too well here but I does in the picture above because the sunlight is shining on it.

Happy Halloween!

Well there might be a few trick or treaters left out there...but I'm out of candy so it's all over, the fat lady has sung!

Had a great Halloween day though. Slept in til 9am. Mom and I hit some thrift stores and did some grocery shopping. Had a late lunch at my sister's house. She makes the most delicious beef and vegetable soup ever. Next time sis, I want to take pics while you make it so I can try to copy it.

We came home and set up for the trick or treaters to arrive. In our small town the city fathers/mothers set up a Halloween carnival/parade for all the kids at 5pm and when that's over with the trick or treating begins.

So I want to share photos of the very first trick or treaters I got tonight. Since they were the first ones I made them come inside! Actually the first ones were my nieces and nephew, brother and sister in law.

Here's my niece Alicia, my namesake. Love those teeth and she's obviously a carnivore, see her getting ready to chomp down on my rat Henry? No, no Alicia...we have candy you can eat. See, here's some Nerds, how about a Butterfinger? Let Henry live to celebrate another Halloween!

And here's the baby of the family, Little Melissa. She's Snow White as you can tell and she had to have some lipstick like big sister Alicia. Isn't she cute?

Here's my nephew Freddie, he's a Stormtrooper! And also he's sponsored by Apple Market obviously :-)

And now a couple of pretty shots. My Mom, the grandkids call her Nana. Nana and Melissa. (Nana gave Melissa way to much candy by the way!) But I guess that's what Nana's do huh?

Nana and Alicia share a moment!

While they were here we were listening to scary Halloween music and Michael Jackson's Thriller Video came on and everyone jumped up to do the Thriller Dance. Here's a few shots of that.

And in Thriller when the monsters all try to get the beautiful girl; the beautiful girl screams? Well here's our beautiful girl screaming while her sister, the vampire is trying to take her head off. I hope that little girl doesn't have scary dreams tonight :-)

Happy Halloween and guess what? Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!!! Mmmmmm, turkey!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Long Short Story ~ Yesterday Was Hell!

I'm going to make it short and sweet tonight because it's been a long week and I'm super tired and more than just a little bit cold and my warm & cozy electric throw blanket is calling my name.

Just want to share something super silly, dumb and ridiculous that happened to me yesterday and hopefully you will learn from my misfortune.

My sister drove into town yesterday to meet me after work for dinner. We usually do this on Friday nights, she drives in from her job and I drive home from mine and we try to meet somewhere in the middle for dinner. But she had a date with her husband scheduled for Friday this week (awwww) and so we met last night on Thursday.

We met halfway at one of our favorite places...Denny's Restaurant. I know you are probably thinking "Denny's"! But they have the most delicious crispy, crunchy, spicy nachos ever and a pretty decent dinner salad. We had a nice dinner, got caught up on our week and our lives and decided to head to Big Lots to just roam the aisles.

We left my sisters car at Denny's and headed to Big Lots which was about 5 miles away in my car. We found some cute little things and I headed back and dropped my sis off at her car then I followed her out of the parking lot. We headed for the freeway and got on. When I got the the end of the on-ramp, I started hearing this huge CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY noise! What the heck?

I pulled over to the side of the freeway in a spot I thought was fairly safe then called my sister who was ahead of me and already on the freeway and told her what had happened and that I was going to get out to check my tires because it sort of felt and sounded like a flat tire. I got out and all my tires were fine, so I told her I was going to continue on.

I got back on the freeway when the traffic cleared and got to about 45 - 50 mph when I heard it again. CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY...loud! I pulled over as far to the right shoulder as I could and once again got out to check and my tires still looked fine. I couldn't really see anything else because it was dark already so I told my sister I was going to call the auto club (By the way, I have the GM Motor Club and they rock! Love them, love them, love them...and they're price is extremely reasonable!)

Called the auto club and sat there waiting. The ETA was 45 minutes but the tow truck was there within 20 minutes. To make a long story short when the tow truck driver unloaded my car in my mechanics parking lot he noticed a long, long piece of silver duct tape wrapped around my tire. We pulled the tape off and I drove my car around the block...and no CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY. Nothing, just the soft Purrrrr of my little baby!

I was relieved but I wanted to scream! How ridiculous that something silly like duct tape made me sit there on the side of the freeway with big rigs rushing by and 100 mph in the cold, dark. I was scared and I'll admit I shed a tear of self

But anyway, this short story was still long and the point of the story....beware of Duct Tape on your Tires!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Behind the Back Catch - Is this guy relaxed or what?

I'm not a big baseball fan. Heck I didn't even know that the World Series is going on. I love going to Dodger games, but mostly for the ambiance. It's so fun to sit there and be part of such a happy crowd.

But I just happened across this video and I wanted to share because the pitcher is just so relaxed. It's like to him it's just another day at the office. Gotta love him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch Finale

As I mentioned on Monday's post; this weekend we visited one of our local pumpkin patches, Murray Family Farms. That's where we saw the peacocks. Now I want to share with you some of the other things we saw.

First of course, here we are at the front door of Murray Family Farms. There were so many people there it was unbelievable! So let's go through those front doors and see what's up in the big red barn. (And don't knock down any of the precious little darlings that are running around everywhere!)

I see you made it through that maze of face-painted, cotton-candy crazed children? Great, so take a look in this case. See all those lovely things? All different kinds of apples, plums, pears and looks like some pomegranate even. Who doesn't love pomegranate right? Anyone want to make me some Pomegranate jelly? Yum!

And what's this? Hmmm, this is new to me, how about to you. No...I don't mean the mini pumpkins and gourds and the Indian's those little things right above that sign. Let's see if we can get a close up of those.

Yep, I was reading that right...BATMAN MAN WINGS! Not Batman Woman Wings, but honest to gosh darned Man Wings! Wonder why they call them that?

Oh...ok, now I see, do you? Cause they look like Batman's wings...his MAN WINGS!

Ok, well so that was interesting. Lets head outside and see what else we can see.
Oooooooo, Pumpkins! Well I guess that's why they call this the pumpkin patch right?

Awwww, I like the little ones!

Looks like a great photo op here!

And what about this view of the Tehachapi Mountains and the golden colored hills leading the way?

As you can tell by the swaying palm're definitely in California!

And over here on the other side, you see the kids carnival. There's a wagon ride out to the pumpkin fields so you can pick your own pumpkin if you didn't find just the right one in those stacks and stacks we just saw. There's also a maze, face painting and all kinds of carnival games and food.

And look, farm animals! An old goat! He seems friendly though.

Well hi there Mister Goat. So you don't mind having your picture taken do you? You're not like your friends over there, the shy peacocks from Mosaic Monday?

Awwww, and look...a little baby goat. She eats right out of your hand.

Ok, and now that we have goat spittle all over our hands, lets go find someplace to wash up. Maybe here at this really cute little hand washing station. Isn't this a great little idea? I love the colorful tiles!

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm pooped and ready to head out. We'll head back to the old red barn.

And on the drive out, lets take a drive-by picture of these beautiful flowers. . .

and another drive-by picture of the Cherry Tower.

And let's all wave good-bye to Mister Goat. *waving* Bye-bye Mister Goat!

And that was our trip this past weekend to Murray Family Farms Oktoberfest Extravaganza!
Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Fall!

Linking up a little late to Outdoor Wednesday, but please go over and visit everyone there. Ta-Ta!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

It's a chilly Iwanna Wednesday today. It's about 58degrees right now and really windy. I know for a lot of you that's not cold, but for a Southern Californian, it's down right freezing! My feet are so cold right now.

Part of the reason my feet are so cold is because I've moved into a new office at work and for some reason it's the coldest room in the building! All day long I've been dreaming of warms things; soups, gloves, thick socks, scarves and hot tea.

So what Iwanna today is things to keep me warm and toasty. Things such as these. . .

A Handwarmer Mug in Robin's Egg Blue...Iwanna one thank you! You can find this one at See how it has a little opening so you can stick your icy fingers in for warming? They have a left and right hand mug. This one is the right hand, since I'm right handed.

Iwanna some delicious smelling cinnamon sticks to stir my steeping tea with to give it that luscious cinnamony taste!

Iwanna some sweet honey to add to my cinnamony tea.

Now that I have the inside warmed up, Iwanna warm up the outside. How about a USB Heated Shawl/Lap Blanket?

Plugs right into the USB port of your computer. How cool is that!

I know that when my feet aren't warm, nothing else is going to be warm, so just for the Pièce de résistance Iwanna this lovely foot warmer.

Well, since I am at the office and supposed to be working, I guess I can't get into warm soups and recipes and scarves and gloves and mittens and shawls and...I could go on and on. But I'm easy to please, all Iwanna is all of the above :-)

What do you Iwanna this Iwanna Wednesday?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Peacocks! Peacocks? You heard right!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my daughter April came down this weekend to visit and we headed out to the Pumpkin Patch. We call it the pumpkin patch, but actually it's the Murray Family Farms we visited. More about the farm itself in tomorrows post but for now I wanted to join Mary from Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday

and Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.

There was lots to do at Murray Family Farms. You can click here to go to their website to learn more about them. It's so pretty there!

One thing we visited was the Peacock pen/aviary? Peacock zoo maybe? Here's a small sign they had up with some information on the type of Peacocks they had there. See why it qualifies for Blue Monday? Cause they are Indian Blue Peacocks!

The Peacocks were great until they saw the camera and I think most of them are camera shy because they would turn around and run away. You think they would be used to camera's with all the people there all the time.

You should be able to click on any picture to enlarge them and see more detail.

The following photo I found online at this site. Please feel free to go there and see more pictures and information on Indian Blue Peacocks.

Aren't they beautiful? Hope you enjoyed seeing them. Please visit the other two blogs posted above for more lovely mosaics and sweet blue things!