Friday, October 30, 2009

A Long Short Story ~ Yesterday Was Hell!

I'm going to make it short and sweet tonight because it's been a long week and I'm super tired and more than just a little bit cold and my warm & cozy electric throw blanket is calling my name.

Just want to share something super silly, dumb and ridiculous that happened to me yesterday and hopefully you will learn from my misfortune.

My sister drove into town yesterday to meet me after work for dinner. We usually do this on Friday nights, she drives in from her job and I drive home from mine and we try to meet somewhere in the middle for dinner. But she had a date with her husband scheduled for Friday this week (awwww) and so we met last night on Thursday.

We met halfway at one of our favorite places...Denny's Restaurant. I know you are probably thinking "Denny's"! But they have the most delicious crispy, crunchy, spicy nachos ever and a pretty decent dinner salad. We had a nice dinner, got caught up on our week and our lives and decided to head to Big Lots to just roam the aisles.

We left my sisters car at Denny's and headed to Big Lots which was about 5 miles away in my car. We found some cute little things and I headed back and dropped my sis off at her car then I followed her out of the parking lot. We headed for the freeway and got on. When I got the the end of the on-ramp, I started hearing this huge CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY noise! What the heck?

I pulled over to the side of the freeway in a spot I thought was fairly safe then called my sister who was ahead of me and already on the freeway and told her what had happened and that I was going to get out to check my tires because it sort of felt and sounded like a flat tire. I got out and all my tires were fine, so I told her I was going to continue on.

I got back on the freeway when the traffic cleared and got to about 45 - 50 mph when I heard it again. CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY...loud! I pulled over as far to the right shoulder as I could and once again got out to check and my tires still looked fine. I couldn't really see anything else because it was dark already so I told my sister I was going to call the auto club (By the way, I have the GM Motor Club and they rock! Love them, love them, love them...and they're price is extremely reasonable!)

Called the auto club and sat there waiting. The ETA was 45 minutes but the tow truck was there within 20 minutes. To make a long story short when the tow truck driver unloaded my car in my mechanics parking lot he noticed a long, long piece of silver duct tape wrapped around my tire. We pulled the tape off and I drove my car around the block...and no CLICKETY-CLACKETY-CLICKETY. Nothing, just the soft Purrrrr of my little baby!

I was relieved but I wanted to scream! How ridiculous that something silly like duct tape made me sit there on the side of the freeway with big rigs rushing by and 100 mph in the cold, dark. I was scared and I'll admit I shed a tear of self

But anyway, this short story was still long and the point of the story....beware of Duct Tape on your Tires!


  1. Oh, Alicia, I hope you can look back at this sometime and laugh. But I know at the time it was very scary ... The good thing is that it was only DUCT TAPE and not some major auto repair! Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. I once had the tape from a cassette wrapped around a belt in the engine. It made a horrible noise. My son-in-law came to my rescue. Bless his heart. There was no damage just a lot of noise. It's scarey. Hope the weekend is better!

  3. Hey Sista! I had a whole lot of fun and mom got an excellant warmer out of the deal. I am glad it was just the tape and not a major fix.


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