Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday Favorites ~ Friday Nights

It's time for Sunday Favorites hosted by Happy to Design.

This is when we get to share a favorite post from the past and take a creative break from blogging. So please enjoy my repeat of a post of my sister and I sharing a Friday together. When you're done, please leave a comment as I love to know what you thought and if you like what you read, become a follower, over there on the right, just click on Follow. Thanks for stopping by!


We have a tradition, my sis and I. Every Friday we try to do something together. Most of the time it's dinner somewhere new or an old fav, or we go shopping or do Walmart and Wendy's, but this Friday my sis proclaimed that she had had a really rough week and nothing else would do but to get Pedicures! Well powder my butt and call me Princess....that's one of my fav things.

We went to one of my fav places, Top Nail.
And since it was our special Friday treat we went for the whole enchilada...the Spa Pedi!

I know, it looks intimidating, but if it were a man I would marry it! This amazing chair treats your feet. You relax while your feet soak in warm, aromatic water. While your feet are soaking, pressured jets gently massage away those aches and pains.

This amazing chair also has a state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back massage system. The roller back system works on applying pressure to all the right spots providing several different functions: compression, kneading, percussion and rolling.
We sat there and chit-chatted while soft spoken Vietnamese women pamper our tootsies, *sigh* sheer bliss!

Once all the pampering is done, we get our little tootsies massaged, decuticled? (is that a word) and polished.

And Wa-la, here are the results!

My Sis's tootsies. She was going to a Black Tie fundraiser the next night so she opted for the dressier polish job with the flower and the little crystal ruby on the big toe.

Here's my tootsies. I opted for the more casual polish as I didn't have anything to do the next night *sigh again*.

Pretty huh? I wish we could have gotten manicures, but that wasn't in the budget for this Friday as we still had to have dinner.

Just a quick note on dinner. We went to one of our favorite Mexican places, Mexicali. I had two margaritas and I felt them both! I was slightly tipsy which made the rest of the evening oodles of fun, for me anyway as Lisa was now the designated driver!

Ok, so then as Lisa had this special event the next night we decided to go shoe shopping. Now I know there are many that would not be caught dead in a Payless Shoe Store, but I love, love, love that store. I've bought many expensive shoes at other places and they have always hurt my feet, but for some reason any shoe bought at Payless has never, ever hurt and they last forever!

My Sis ended up with these beautiful black, strappy shoes. They looked great with her dress and her new pedicure.

I tried on several shoes and really liked these, but as I didn't have any special event to go to, I didn't buy anything *sigh*. My Friday was just one big *sigh* fest!

So after shoe shopping, Lisa decided that she would like to color her hair. She'd been trying to get me to color mine a kind of burgundy color but I don't know, it's just not me, so she thought she would try it. We went to Longs which was in the same shopping center as Payless (now mind you, I'm still pretty buzzed so it was all fun for me). We bought the hair color and came back to my house where I colored her hair and we called it a day. I think it took me longer to write this than it took to do all this.

So here she is with her new haircolor and new shoes the next day off to go to her Black Tie Event. Beautiful, don't you agree?

Here's a closer pic so you can see the new haircolor. It really doesn't show up too well here but I does in the picture above because the sunlight is shining on it.


  1. Hi Alicia...

    Ahhh...a spa pedicure! *sigh*

    What a fabulous Friday night the two of you had...sounds like loads of fun! I would definitely love to try one of those spa pedicures...sounds divine! Ohhh...and that massage chair...fabulous!!! Such a cute post, my friend! Your sis looks gorgeous and I love her hair color! You know...I have to tell you...the pics of your pretty painted toes...the two of you have twin feet...identical!!! Hehe!

    Thanks so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week, my friend...I loved your post! *sigh*

    Warmest wishes,

  2. I LOVE a pedicure and get them all summer long, but HIDE my feet inside warm shoes and socks in the winter.

    I don't go every week - - - about every other or every third week and I go to the beauty school where they do a fabulous pedi for $10!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I do my own pedicures as I don't like someone touching my feet.:)

  4. I love that you and your sister do something together every Friday. My sister lives too far away, but I would love to be able to do something with my sister every week.

    It sounds like this was a great Friday. I've only had a pedicure once in my life and it was actually with my sister when she came to visit me in Lv.

    Mexicali~ I love hearing about things and places in my hometown of Bakersfield. My favorite Mexican food in bako used to be Sinaloa, El Sombrero, Red Pepper and Mexicali.

  5. Chari - Lol, I had to go back and look at our toes and you know, they are identical! Who knew? Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you should go and get your self a spa pedi just for stopping by :-)

    Keetha Broyles - I'll have to try the beauty school, we have one of those, thanks for the idea. But not til spring anyway as I too cover my feet in the winter.

    Glenda/MidSouth - It's weird you mention you don't like your feet touched. My sister is very ticklish and she giggles and wiggles the whole Thanks for stopping by.

  6. JarieLyn - Sisters are the greatest aren't they? I cherish mine.

    I love Mexicali, they have some of the best nachos and their Chile Colorado Burrito is my favorite. I used to go to Sinaloa all the time, it was my ex-husbands fav. Red Pepper I believe is gone, but El Sombrero lives on and it's also delicious food.

    Have a great Sunday my friend and thanks for stopping by.

  7. First of all I will call you Princess but I will NOT powder your butt.
    I have had one pedi and I wanted to climb through the roof. I too hate having my feet touched.
    As for the two margarita buzz I hear you. I had that last Saturday afternoon and enjoyed it immensely. Go Patron.

  8. Me again. Thanks for visiting. I started accumulating minis in the late 70's and have bought them at a lot of different places such as a miniature store that went out of business, Hobby Lobby, ordered thru Hobby Builder's supply, etc. Where they are on sale. HL has their's on sale 50% off at least once a year.
    Have a great week.

  9. Aw, she looks beautiful! I can't believe she let you color her hair after 2 margaritas! Or, had she had 2 as well???!

    I find I do some of my best work when I'm buzzed.

    Or, maybe I just THINK I do...

  10. Lori E - You're my kinda gal! Patron no less. I love Patron. Hey after two margaritas you might not mind having those tootsies touched.

    When I read you would call me princess but not powder my butt I thought, "What the heck! That's one of my fav sayings". Then I realized I wrote

  11. Glenda/MidSouth - Thanks so much for responding to my questions and for visiting again. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here, but we don't. And I didn't find any at Michaels, but I'll keep looking. Have a great week.

  12. Kathryn - No, you don't just think you do. I know I dance a lot better after two margaritas, or a couple of tequila shots :-)

  13. I love this post! Almost as much as I love spa pedicures. It is my indulgence -- my sister first got me hooked on them, but we don't live near each other, so we don't get to share them.

    I have taken my daughter and both of my grand-daughters along with me at various times when we're not traveling. But I get the peds. every six weeks or so wherever we are.

    thanks for sharing. (I'm here through Sunday Favs)


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