Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yogurt Mill in Modesto, California

When I went on my Amtrak trip a few weeks ago with my mom; my daughter April took us to get some frozen yogurt. She had been raving about how wonderful this place was and how delicious the yogurt was. April isn't really a big frozen yogurt fan. I remember taking her to the one yogurt place we have in Bakersfield and she was more interested in the toppings than the actual yogurt itself, so I was surprised that she was singing the praises of any yogurt place.

This place was called The Yogurt Mill, and it was everything she claimed it to be and more. By sheer luck we ended up going on the day of their 26th anniversary so any anniversary size (small) yogurt was a mere 26cents! They have two drive-thru's on either side of their cute little shop and both drive-thru's had a line of about 10 cars...the place was hoppin!

I'm ashamed to admit that my berries & cream frozen yogurt was so good that I forgot to take a before picture, below you can see the AFTER picture. Yep...after I ate it all up!

So the next day on the way back to the Amtrak station April took us by again. My mom, who isn't a big ice cream fan and totally hates yogurt was the one that wanted to go again, their chocolate yogurt was great.

This time I wasn't just thinking of myself, but of you my dear readers and I took some pictures.

The first picture is of the three separate yogurts we got. They weren't 26cents this time, but it was April's treat :-) so for my mom and me, it was free! Life doesn't get any better than free does it?

I took this 2nd picture just to show you the size of the raspberries they had! April ordered raspberry topping and put one on my berries & cream yogurt, see how huge it is? Just click on the picture to enlarge and enjoy all the berry-goodness of it.

Next time I go to Modesto, I will definitely stop by and try their New York Cheesecake! What about you? Are you a frozen yogurt fan? What's your favorite flavor and are you a topping lover?


  1. I love the Yogurt Mill! I was raised on the stuff, sometimes we even had it for dinner :) Yummy!

  2. I'am new to modesto.they make the best yogurt.i will order a mini cup it holds a lot of yogurt.double cheesecake & Caribbean coconut my favorite.the service is wonderful.


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