Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Fall Y'all and I'm late to the Party!

Wonderful Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is hosting a "It's Fall, Y'all" Fall Decorating party and I am sooooooooooo late to the party. I had technical difficulties (my Internet went out) and I had my party dress all ready to go and I just had to sit here...frustrated *sigh*.

But now my link to the world is back up and running and so here's the little bit of decorating that I've managed to do. It's been 100 degrees and above around here so I've not been in a "fall-y" mood.

First off. . . Castanet Casi! She's my Spanish Senorita plate dancing skeleton doing a lovely flamenco. Ole!

Here she is with Mr. Pumpkin Head. I think he likes to watch her strut her stuff, considering that big ole smile he has.

And here's her sister, Tango Tome. You can tell she's a tango dancer because of the rose she's holding in her hand. Once she starts dancing she will hold that rose between her teeth! And those are some choppers huh? Ole!

My leap-frogging Scarecrows. I bought these cute little guys last year after the Halloween season and I'm so glad I remembered they were all wrapped up and hidden in my linen closet.

Here they are again making friends with Sammy Scare Crow on the mirror.

My leaf plate, a thrift store find sitting nicely in another thrift store find...a plate holder.

Same leaf plate, with a much lighter background as I turned the light on.

Leaf plate with the candles lit and the leap frogging scarecrows in the background and some pumpkins scattered here and there.

What's fall without corn stalks?

I'm going to take down the plates on either side of the mirror and put the orange and black plates up, but I need to get a couple more plate hangers.

Another view, I like the way the color of my wall looks a pretty pale yellow. In actuality my walls are white.

Night time shot with the candles all lit up.

And that's it. Just the beginning I hope. I'd like to do a table scape. But ya'll head over to Rhoda's, Ya Hear! Lot's of folks over there have done some really beautiful decorating, you'll be amazed!

Thanks for coming by and please take a button...they're free. Feel free to become a follower as well and Happy Fall, Ya'll!


  1. Looking good...what a beauty she is...I'm talking about your thrift store leaf plate. HAPPY FALL!


  2. Love the mantle. The skeletons are darling! How cute that you named them...I would have done the same thing. I am excited about decorating, it's the first time in nearly two years I have felt like doing so! Happy Fall!

  3. Alicia, I love what you have done with the the skeleton senorita..only a caliornia girl would have that. I want one too!
    Shafter, isnt that near Bakersfield? We are in SoCal, Desert Hot Springs. We both live in the HEAT although it is starting to cool off there. We go through Bakersfield quite often when we head up to Sac to visit our son..


  4. I love your leap frogging scarecrows...I love scarecrows, too!!! Thanks for stopping by my little blog...come back often, if you get a chance!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment! Your place looks good! The decals on the mirror were a good idea, I would have never thought of that!!
    Happy Fall!!

  6. Hi Alicia...

    Ohh...I'm so glad that you were able to get your internet back up and going...I bet you were sittin' on pins and needles, my friend!

    Hehe...this is just the cutest post! I love your Castanet Casi and Tango Tome...too cute and very creative! Hehe! My favorite is your leap frog scarecrows...they're absolutely adorable!!! Thank you for sharing all of your pretties with us...

    Warmest wishes,

  7. Cute post, with the dancing senoritas! That leaf plate is gorgeous. Great find!

  8. Alicia, Thanks for visiting me!! I enjoyed seeing your decorations to. What a great idea to "Stand" the leaf Plate rather than just flat!! Hmmmm, I think I have one of those! Have a great day! Linda

  9. Alicia, I like your leaf plate and leap frog pumkins, so cute. I think your decorations are so playful and cute. Thanks for visiting me, please come back again. Marla

  10. Great blog! What cute fall decor you have. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so excited that you love Ann Curry too. My hubby makes fun of me because every time I see her I just go on and on! I am glad I am not alone! :)

  11. My boys would love all of your Halloween decorations! Thanx for stopping by! I always love meeting new friends! Have fun decorating!! Oh and don't fell bad abt being late to the party. I was too!

  12. Thanks for coming over and joining my blog...I am loving those Halloween cute!

  13. Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I was thrilled to have you. Love your fall decorations!

    from one sunny state to the other,

  14. Love your dancing skeleton plates! And I love the name of your blog! Glad you stopped by and I enjoyed my visit here! I'll be back!

  15. Hello Alicia - what a sweet blog! Lovin' all your Fall inspiration. My fave are those fabulous skeleton plates! Your mantel looks awesome. Thank you for sharing!



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