Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday - It's all in the Dust

Today is Iwanna Wednesday, the day when I can feature anything Iwanna! For anyone who doesn't know about my Iwanna alter ego; let me explain. My sister and my mom both call me Iwanna because "I Want" everything. Seriously...EVERYTHING!

I can walk into any store and immediately the first words out of my mouth are, "Oh, I want one of these, or I want some of those". I've even been known to drive by a random house and say, "I want some rocks/flowers/windows/doors, etc, etc like those".

So that's why I'm the Iwanna, cause Iwanna everything I see! Now I know I can't have everything that I see; but I can lust after them, admire them, wish I had them...right?

I knew you would agree, because your heart is an Iwanna heart too!

So I have a real post showing you something Iwanna and have wanted for quite awhile now, but first Iwanna share this video with you. I just stumbled upon it on youtube. And seeing as how Halloween is coming up soon, I thought maybe someone might need some Halloween costume/makeup tips. I love this video and Michelle Phan, the girl in the video is gorgeous and she's got a very soothing voice as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ok, so that was the appetizer, now on to the main Iwanna post for this Wednesday!

I've been visiting a lot of blogs lately because of all the memes I've been joining in on. One thing that I see a lot of people doing is making their own chalkboards using chalk paint. I've thought about making just a little one to jot notes on in the kitchen, but then I saw this one and I said, "Iwanna one of those!"

I unfortunately thought I had jotted down the name of the person and their blog that did this one. If this is yours please let me know so I can link to your blog because this was my inspiration for today's Iwanna Wednesday.

Isn't this chalkboard door great? I remember that what this person was posting about was the chalkboard markers she had purchased, but I fell in love with the door. Iwanna one!!

I actually have a door right next to my computer desk that would be perfect for a door like this one. Maybe this would be a great fall project.

So I let my fingers do the walking to gather some more ideas and I found the following. . .

Isn't this one pretty also? I really like the message and the falling leaves on the previous door though. But this one is very handy with a shopping list and all.

I thought this one was pretty cool...Iwanna this one definitely! Don't you think it's a great idea? A Monday thru Sunday chalkboard calendar??? Awesome! Looks to me like an old door hung lengthwise?

And this next one...well I just threw it in for giggles, cause it's so darn cute! A whole chalkboard refrigerator! Ever seen anything like this? Would you Iwanna this?

So that's it for this Iwanna Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week! Happy Fall!

Oh and by the way, in case you read the title and you don't know why Iwanna Wednesday is all in the Dust...I meant Chalk Dust! Lame, I know. Cya!


  1. Oh! I really like the Monday thru Sunday chalkboard. Now I have to figure out how I can adapt that to my own use. Hmmmm.

  2. xinex,
    Thanks, and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Stine in Ontario,
    I know what you mean. I don't think I have enough events going on to use that type of weekly board. Maybe I could keep track of weekly memes?

  4. Alicia, I really do enjoy reading your Iwanna Wednesday posts. You are too adorable. That snow white demonstration was fascinating to watch, and you're right, that girl is gorgeous. I wish I was as adept at putting on makeup as she is.

    I've always wanted a chalkboard wall too. That first door is fantastic. I love all the colorful chalk.

    Iwanna king size bed. Iwanna one of those tempurpedic mattresses that cost an arm and a leg. The one I looked at cost $8,000.00. Iwana sleep good every night.

    I love your post. I'm an Iwanna girl too.


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