Monday, October 5, 2009

Melissa's Three, Happy Birthday

My littlest niece Melissa turned 3 on September 30th and we celebrated her birth this weekend. It seems like just yesterday that my sister Lisa and I were on our way to San Francisco for a weekend getaway when we got the call that our sister-in-law Norma had just gone into birth!

We were about 15 minutes outside of San Francisco and we debated if we should turn around and go back home. We decided that we would continue on and have the weekend of our lives so we could tell Melissa what a great time we had on the day of her birth and how we would always remember it!

That was three years ago, how time fly's!

So today, I'm joining up with Mary at Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday, and with Sally at Smiling Sally for her Blue Monday. I've used photos from Melissa's birthday party on Saturday to make my mosaic. This is my first one ever and I had already done it when I noticed that Mary had a tutorial on her blog on how to do them. So next one will be perfect, this one is a beginners mosiac :-) But anything is beautiful if Melissa is in it.

In the first picture Melissa is hitting her Pinata. This is a Mexican tradition. The Pinata is a cardboard covered papier mache candy and toy holder. The children take turns whacking the pinata with a big stick until it breaks and candy scatters all over the ground and they swoop in and grab it all up. We usually start with the birthday girl and then the smallest to the biggest child gets their turn.

The second picture is of Melissa giving a big hug to her cousin Isabel. Isabel was in awe of Melissa's Snow White costume. Melissa's mom is lucky that Melissa's birthday dress serves double duty as a Halloween costume as well!

Melissa had two pinata's this birthday. Apparently her mom bought her a Snow White Pinata and Melissa didn't want to break that one, so the third picture is of her sitting next to the pinata she did not want to break.

The final picture is of Melissa with her mother, Norma. Norma was reading to her the birthday card that her Nana (my mom) gave her. We had a great time. Norma always has way too much delicious food.

So that's it. Be sure to pop over to visit Mary at Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday, and with Sally at Smiling Sally for her Blue Monday.


  1. Love the mosaic! Your niece is darling. You got some great pictures from the day.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable, especially in that costume! thanks so much for sharing your joyful celebration at Mosaic Monday. :)

    Oh, and I think you did an amazing job for your first mosaic! :)

  3. I think your very first mosaic is wonderful. I love how you trimmed it up in the blue. It looks really good and your niece's birthday looks very fun.

    I was born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca. I know a couple of people who live in Shafter.

  4. You did a great job for your first mosaic! Your niece is adorable.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I found the three piece set at a Goodwill but the rest I picked up at a couple of different yard sales. Sometimes I do well and then there are times I actually go home empty-handed. I just love the challenge!

    ~ Tracy

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet niece Melissa!
    The party photos and the mosaic are perfect.

  6. What a little cutie! Happy birthday to your little niece. Birthdays are so much fun at that age ;)

  7. What a happy girl Melissa is with her BLUE colorful birthday! Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Beautiful photos...beautiful little girl. Happy belated birthday, Melissa!

  9. Beautiful photos! Stop on over, I left something for you:)


  10. Forgot to post the link, lol!

  11. Your niece is precious! Happy birthday to her! I love the's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Alicia, those little girls are both precious! And I love her Snow White costume. Great job on the mosaic, and you're right, with adorable little girls in it, it's perfect!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  13. cute cute cute!!

    barbara jean

    PS thanks for tip about giveaway!

  14. Beautiful mosaic! Is it that time of the year again already? Happy Fall!


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