Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mom's Birthday 2013, Biscochos and Chile Colorado

Several years ago (2010) for my mom's birthday we decided to make Biscochos and it turned out that everyone in our family somehow made time and was able to show up and celebrate mom's birthday and make Biscochos with her and I took lots of pictures And shared them on THIS BLOG POST.

For anyone who doesn't know what a Biscocho is it's a delicious little cookie made with a spice called Anise that gives it a very distinctive flavor. You can find the recipe HERE.

Here's a picture of the ones we made this year. They are almost the texture of shortbread but with a cinnamony anise flavor.

We decided to try it again this year and sent out an "Open House" invitation for everyone to come from 11am until ??? to help to celebrate Mom's Birthday. We sweetened the pot by letting everyone know that mom would be making her world famous Chile Colorado. It's to die for! No recipe for that one, only mom knows the secret!

Here's mom and I again! We are always the first to show up!

We got up early and she actually tried to teach me the secrets of making her Chile Colorado but she had already prepared the Chile mixture the day before, so I was left out of the loop! By accident or by design Mom??? Hmmm!

Not to be left out Lisa arrived to help us with the prep work, so we paused first for a picture. Mom hates it that we stop to take so many pictures! Once she gets going she's all business!

Soon my brother and his gang arrived and the festivities began! Here's my brother Jaime, sister Lisa and Mom of course. What a great picture!

My brother Jaime actually likes to cook with his kids. One year he and his baby Clarissa made homemade soap for everyone. Here you see him overseeing his son Gabriel as Sarena and Clarissa watch from the side.

Next it was my time for my sister and her family. Unfortunately Sean had to work and so Baby J wasn't there, but Lisa and her son Isaac and her husband Sean still managed to have fun!

Then it was time for a Selfie. By this time mom was having fun taking pictures so we got her to smile a bit!

As you can see in this next one Mom really starts to get into the act and you see her here with my daughter April, pretending to take the rolling pin away from here while April very calmly just smiles for the camera! and me. Both of us are old pro's at making Biscochos, so we just pose for the camera!

Next, Lisa's turn for her picture with mom!

After beginning this day so early and after so much work Lisa and I were a bit thirsty and we happened to have a bottle of one of my favorite wines. What kind of cook cooks without wine? Not us! Sometimes we even add it to the recipe, but this time is was just for US!

By this time it's getting late, you can see outside the window that it's dark. We've had a great day and my son Jim shows up to roll out a batch of cookies with his Nana!

But we weren't done yet, my brother Fred showed up after work with his family and they each took a turn baking with Nana!

Here's mom with her youngest granddaughter Melissa. Melissa had just come from her soccer game, which they won! Yay Melissa!

Next up my brother Fred supervises his son Freddie while Melissa looks on.

Here's a beautiful picture of all my brother Fred's family. The only one missing was Beatriz as she was at work. Isn't this a beautiful picture? It's Christmas card worthy!

Freddie enjoyed it so much he's thinking of becoming a Baker! He did a great job!

Mom was exhausted after all the activity but she was so happy that we all did this for her and gave her this beautiful day! It was our pleasure. Happy Birthday Mom! 


Thanksgiving 2013

My sister and I have realized that my blog is a great way to keep track of what we did the previous year for the holiday, so I'm going to update my blog to keep track of this year, 2013. So this is mainly just photos.

Thanksgiving was very low key, spent it with my sister Lisa and her family.

The day started with mom and I heading to Thanksgiving Day Mass.

By the time we left our turkey was in the oven and stuffing was made!

This was a semi-sad Thanksgiving for us because my dad passed away in July, but we were blessed with a new family member in this year and I know my dad was smiling down on this little angel, happy that she was here to lighten our hearts. 

Introducing, Jaelynn, or as I like to call her, Baby J!

She is my sister Lisa's first granddaughter and she is the sweetest most adorable baby ever! Look at that face! She is the perfect mimicker, make a sound or a face and she mimics it! Check out this video!

We spent a lot of our afternoon just watching Baby J play! Baby J is not only my sister's first granddaughter, but she is also the very first great grand baby for my mom!

Here's my sister Lisa, Baby J and my mom in the top picture. Baby J's daddy, Sean keeping a watchful eye on his little girl in the bottom left picture (he is just enchanted by her!) and then Nana showing off her great granddaughter in the bottom right picture!

Later on all the boys showed up, here's a picture of the men in my sister Lisa's life. From the left, her husband Sean Sr, then Baby J's daddy Sean Jr and the baby of the family, Isaac.

Then it was time for the cousins to get a picture. From the left, my son James, his cousins Sean and Isaac.

Apparently no one wanted to take a picture of me, so I had to do a selfie! All in all it was a very nice way to spend time giving Thanks. I'm thankful to have all the people pictured above in my life!!!