Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Broken Wing

With a broken wing

She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

Recognize the lyrics from this Martina McBride song? The song itself is about abusive post is not about that but just an opening to talk about my broken wing.

Huh? What? "Where is she going with this?", you may be asking yourself. Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words so take a gander at this photo!

That's me with a broken wing, no make-up, no lipstick! The reason I look so miserable is that I was in considerable pain and had just broken my wing the day let me backtrack on how I got to this point.

Our family roots are in Arizona, and every once in a while Arizona beckons to us, the allure of the desert and the majestic Saguaro, the breathtaking sunsets...and we have to answer the call. 

So on April 11th, we made a trip to Arizona, my mom, myself and my sister-in-law Connie. The plan was for Connie and I to head back on Monday, April 15th and mom would stay there for a couple of weeks or whenever she felt like coming back home and then we would go and pick her up. (The trip itself is 9 hours, 600 miles!)

But you know the saying, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"...boy did they.

The second day we were there my cousin Tino took us to his home to pick up a sombrero that he was giving to Connie for some home decor. We went into his home and I turned left into his living room, not realizing it was a sunken living room with two steps leading down.

I caught myself on the first step, and as I turned around to warn Connie I hit the second step and my left ankle twisted and down I went! I remember the whole thing in slow motion and even now I can recall the sound of the back of my head hitting the tile floor, bouncing up and coming back down for another smack!

And that was the end of the fun for me, at 6pm it all ended and they had to take me to the ER. My ankle was swelling but the worst part is that I knew I had broken my left wrist! Oh...and you know how people will say if you can move your fingers it's not broken? LIES!!! It can still be broken!

On top of a broken wrist I ended up with a sprained left ankle, a mild concussion, a bruised tailbone, and a grand story to tell.

We ended up staying until Monday anyway but the saddest part is that my mom couldn't and wouldn't stay, she was insistent on coming back with me to take care of her baby.

I'm so glad she did because so there were/are so many things I can't do for myself. She helps me to shower and to get dressed, she does my hair, fixes my food, cuts my meat, anything and everything that I need! There's no one like my mother. 

I'll post again later about my progress in healing, but wanted to share the story of my broken wing and as we near Mothers Day this Sunday to brag on having the very best mom in the whole world! Love you mom, thank you for loving me even in moments when I can be truly unlovable (it happens more often than you may think!)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms out there and to those dads doing double duty!