Sunday, November 24, 2013

Football Sunday Food!! Bacon Cheddar Burger Balls!

I was wondering this morning what I could eat that would be low carb, that my family would like and that would be easy to munch on while I watched football since there were three really good games on the schedule!

My facebook page had a post from djfoodie for Burger Balls! I just happened to have all the ingredients. Here's the picture that caught my eye on facebook...

Photo Credit: djfoodie
Don't those look yummy? Don't let the simplicity fool you, these are labor intensive. They aren't hard to make, just time consuming and there are a lot of steps, but they are good! You can find the recipe right HERE.

I followed it exactly this time, didn't made any changes. I think next time I would like to try them with pepper jack cheese and not bake them for as long as I did. They seemed a little dry. Oh..and I used ground beef, but I think I would prefer ground turkey. I love ground turkey!

Here are the meatballs ready to be seared in the pan. But before you get to this part you have to dice onion and garlic and caramelize it in a pan with oil. Then mix the meat, one egg and the carmelized onion/garlic and make the meatballs. 

You have to flatten the ball and then put a little bacon bits and a cube of cheese and then gently roll the ball back up.

Then you sear them in a pan and it should be an oven proof pan, but I didn't have one so I just put them on a baking sheet all together. 

Here they are, all seared and ready to go in the oven. You can see there are three with toothpicks in them...those are special for my mom as she won't eat any onion. Just searing them they start oozing cheese if you didn't form them correctly, which obviously I didn't!

I baked mine at 450 for 10 minutes, I should only have done the 5 to 7 minutes suggested as I thought mine were a little overdone. Here they are straight out of the oven, you can see they oozed quite a bit more cheese. You have to really seal them well. 

Here they are, ready to "come and get'em!"

I made a quick cole slaw using an angel hair cabbage slaw I found recently at WinCo. I like it because it's a lot easier to chew and it's pretty! 

As you can see, even though a lot of cheese came out during the process there was still plenty inside...yum! Low Carb and delicious!

So the Chargers won...Yay! And my Cowboys won...Yay! Yay!  Now I'm watching the Broncos and the Patriots and it looks like it's going to be an easy win for the Broncos, but we shall see.

How was your Football Sunday? Any great snacks you had while watching?


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wouldn't it Be Great to Have a Magic Genie and What One Thing About Yourself Would You Change?

There's this thing known as NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. Traditionally November is the National Blog Posting month and unfortunately I didn't sign up in time...and actually I don't know that I would have anyway as it's a pretty tall order to have the commitment to write every day for a month!

But I do like to look at the daily blogging ideas that they give to get your creative juices going. 

This one was from yesterday: 
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

 It would be so easy to list 10 things, 20 things, 50 things…but just one? That makes it so much harder because if you can only change one thing…just one…what would you choose? 

The obvious choices would be cosmetic choices, change my weight, my height, the size of my lips, and perfect my vision so I wouldn’t need glasses…those kinds of things. But shouldn’t you choose something greater if you can only change one thing? 

 Maybe change my job? Find a more challenging career, something that makes me excited to go to work in the morning. Maybe become a dance instructor, but then you have to learn to dance and have some rhythm without tequila and Long Island Iced Teas! A race car driver? Yeah, that would be great! I can totally see myself doing that, but that would mean being gone from home for months on end. And then there’s that crashing thing that doesn’t really appeal to me. See…that’s the thing, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! 

 I guess if I could change one thing it would be to have been a better mother. Being a single mother means that you are torn in a million different directions. Because I had to be mother and father to my kids I did neither job perfectly. I know that no one really does, but if I had to do my life over again I would have been a better mother. 

I wouldn't have allowed the daily stresses of work and bills and groceries and dishes and laundry overwhelm me. I would have spent more time with my kids and been more patient with them.

Sometimes at the end of a hard day it was all I could do to use my last remaining bit of energy to make dinner, do dishes, help with homework, give baths, supervise tooth-brushing, read bed time stories and tuck them in. Yeah, I would change that. 

But if my magic genie gave me three wishes then definitely I would wish myself to have a perfect metabolism/body and a super great, interesting job that paid well! 

 What one thing would you change? Think about it…it’s not easy!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Love your Neighbor as Yourself, But Don't Take Down the Fence!

"Love your neighbor as yourself; but don't take down the fence."
 Carl Sandburg 

I gotta tell ya...I'm not loving my neighbors today!! Last night was Halloween night of course. We didn't get many trick-or-treaters so we expected an uneventful night. Unfortunately that was not the case.

Around 11 pm some kids in a car decided to drive like maniacs down the alley on the block adjacent to ours. They came out of the alley at a high rate of speed and lost control once they got on the street and they came crashing through the fence into my backyard!

My son happened to be outside with the dogs and was quick enough to move out of the way before they could mow him down as well. He remembers hearing the car's engine and seeing the headlights and thinking "Oh crap, they're not stopping" and moving out of the way.

They broke through the fence...the fence that my daddy built! I think that is the worse part, that dad built this fence and now part of it is destroyed and will have to be rebuilt by a stranger, someone that didn't put his heart into it.

I'm grateful that no one was hurt. I know that is numero uno! But now that my son is safe, and our doggy's are safe, I can grieve for the fence and the memories of my dad putting it together and his opening the gate to park his RV.

The stupid kids put the car in reverse and fled the scene. My son said he heard the passenger yelling, "Put it in reverse, put it in reverse!" Hopefully they were not hurt, I wouldn't want them to be hurt. Hopefully it put the fear of God into them and they won't ever be that reckless again! And hopefully their parents will see the damage to the car and do the right thing...hopefully.