Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beginning Art Class and Artwork - Amazing Talent!

I've shared with you my new hobby/obsession, which is Art. On July 2nd I did a post showing you some of my beginning sketches using 1 point perspective and ending the post with a photo of a drawing/painting that I hope to do someday in the future on a backyard fence. You can see that post HERE

Nope, I'm no where near ready to paint that fence, but getting closer and closer as I continue to practice and learn. Stick with me, we'll get there.

Then on August 7th I shared a post showing you my final Art Project that was on display at our Art Reception. My beautiful yet tired Ballerina! You can see that post HERE

My last post on August 13 was about the class project, which was of an old piano that was brought back to life and will now continue to be displayed publicly so that others can use it in the future and continue to love art and music! You can see that post HERE

This is the group of beginning artists that were in my art class. A very talented and friendly group of people!

I'd love now to share their artwork. Such diversity, such talent, such creativity! Human beings are so amazing in the ability to learn something and by applying their own thoughts and interests make it specifically theirs!

First off my beautiful sister Lisa! She displayed a sketch with a beautiful mermaid. It had a lot of detail and was quite a complex project. I think she did an amazing job! Here she is with her project which she entitled "Under the Sea with Me!" Not only did her blouse match the piano, it also matched the sea atmosphere of her sketch!

She also displayed another sketch that leads her to believe that she may have another career path in becoming a police department sketch artist! Here's her sketch entitled, "Looking at You". 

Our friend Lupe also took the class and she displayed two pieces, one which was chosen by the instructor Marcelo showing her talent with one point perspective. (Photographers comment - these photos are taken with a cell phone and the artwork is framed so there was a lot of glare and reflections, that's why you see the various shadows, that is not a ghost on the left side!)

For her final project Lupe displayed a piece of art she called Wasco Roses. Wasco is the Rose Capital of the world and she lives there so it was quite fitting!

I wish I could have gotten pictures of all the artwork but my phone unfortunately was running out of room and wouldn't let me take anymore, so I got what I could.

And to finish this off some artwork displayed by our instructors. First this one by Dulce, "Light Rolling Thru Trees". 

Our instructor Marcelo displayed three pieces which he ended up raffling off! I was so disappointed in not winning any of them, because they were so beautiful. I especially love the door.

Again I have to say that I really enjoyed this art class and hope to continue drawing and learning. Thank you Marcelo and Dulce for being so generous with your time and talent. 

Thank you Lisa and Lupe for going with me and for being so encouraging! I hope we get to draw together often!


  1. WOW...impressive work!!! I am glad to know you're really enjoying your art class and it shows!!! You have excellent teachers, which is the cherry on the top!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Thanks Oliva Ohlson! It really has been fun. I don't know that I will ever be able to develop to the point that Marcelo and Dulce are at but it is still such fun to try and to know people with such talent. Let's hope it rubs off :)

  3. Art brings people together. The fact that you're at the art class with sister Lisa and friend Lupe is, to my mind, significant. You can share views, experiences, and encourage each other. I find it interesting that all three of you are so talented (judging by the art pieces displayed by you).
    I wish you all three a lot of joy and satisfaction in your art making!

  4. Thank you DUTA, we had a good time together. And you are correct, we do share views and encourage each other. I'm very fortunate to have such good friend and even more blessed that one of them is my sister! I'm loving sketching!


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