Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Jack of All Trades, Mistress of None Posts

I received a great response on my last blog post about my art class and final project. Maybe not in the comment section of my blog, but certainly on Facebook.

One of my most loyal blog readers (Thank you DUTA) made me stop to think about my artwork and other activities that I am involved in and I responded to her comment with this: 

"Thank you! Unfortunately as I've said before, I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of None...or perhaps Mistress of none? 

I can cook, but not well enough to be a chef. I can write, but not well enough to author a book, I can dance, but not well enough to be on Dancing with the Stars, and now I can draw but alas...never enough to have my work displayed at an exhibition.

Now perhaps if I just narrowed down my list of activities and stuck with only one I could master that one, but I think I prefer being a Jack of All Trades and just moving around like a busy little bee!"

I do have many activities that I am a part of and enjoy but I've mastered none of them. I just flit about like a little busy bee from one flower to another. And you know what? It's ok...it makes me happy to be so-so at so many things!

Just last week I made Kabobs for the first time! Beautiful right? But I had to google a recipe, I can never just pull stuff out of thin air like I see them do on Master Chef. I'm a recipe girl, not a cook or chef.

I've also recently taken up line dancing and while I'm enjoying myself and I've taken line dancing before, I can actually only do the Mustang Sally! But I'm getting there.

You all know I blog and I've enjoyed my little blog for years and sometimes I go back and read something I wrote years ago and I think to myself "Wow, you're good!"  Yet I know I don't have a book in me, or even a How-To Manual, I'm just happy writing down things when I get inspired.

I've taken some pictures through the years that I've really loved, but I am far from being a great photographer! I can't even remember settings on my phone, let alone settings on cameras and lenses!

Here's a photo I especially love! It just seems very artistic to me and alive. There's joy and excitement in the photo and that is what appeals to me about great photographers; it's how I feel when I look at their pictures.

Here's another one of a Dahlia I grew last year. Again, I'm not a gardener but every once in a while I hit one out of the park and it actually grows!

The photo appeals to me because of the coloring, the blue background, almost looking like I caught the last of the sunlight when I took this photo. I feel peaceful looking at this, knowing there is so much beauty in such simple things.

I've tried lightening up the photo but I don't feel the same thing when I look at it with brighter lighting. When I look at this next picture it's just a pretty picture. What do you think?

Anyway, thank you DUTA for inspiring this post with your comment. I'm grateful for my faithful readers but would it kill ya to post a comment? I mean really??? Would it?  Hahaha! Truthfully, I live for comments!


  1. Alicia dear, I completely understand you and even find myself in your words. I also used to feel some sort of Jack of all trades, Master of none. However, at a certain age, and I am at that certain age, one has to accept oneself as is and feel ok with it.

    I still think you're very good at writing and you should consider writing a book and publish it. Take your time to decide on the topic.

    As for comments - I love them too. If your read other blogs and leave your comment, at least part of those bloggers will reciprocate. That's the way it goes.

  2. Thank you DUTA! I can always count on you :)

    It's true that it does help to read and comment on other blogs and I've been neglectful of that. I still read them but often don't comments. I'll aim to do better.

    And thank you for enjoying my writing, I enjoy yours as well and well....maybe I will give a book some thought in the future!

  3. You're onto something here. Your photos are really good - and so is your writing. Embrace it all as we only get one life!

  4. There you go Pondside! Best to just start being happy with who we are at this point. Nothing to prove anymore, just enjoy the things you enjoy!

  5. Your post describes me to a "T".
    I enjoy making, doing and learning new things as I go. If I fail, I've learned not be hard on myself, but use it as an experienced for future reference!

    I have to try taking a painting class. I hear people really enjoy doing this.
    Your dahlia is gorgeous! I've never try growing dahlias in our garden...I just have to give it a go!

  6. Thanks Oliva! Yes, we're Dabblers, we dabble in this and that. We need to have a Dabblers website! Hahahaha!

    I'm trying my hand at doing that Dahlia in colored pencil. So far I'm doing well but having problems with the fence so I've been watching videos on youtube trying to find one with a good technique.

    Check locally to see if they offer wine & paint nights in your area, those are such fun and I know you like wine!

  7. Hahaha. So true. Doesn't it kill you to see how many visitors you have a 1/10th leave a comment. I always wonder if they weren't inspired or something else.

  8. rebecca haegele, unfortunately that is the first thing that pops into ones head, that the post wasn't inspiring. But I know that I look at all your posts and most of the time while I'm on hold on the phone and I don't have the time to comment but I am always inspired :)


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