Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you Measure Up?

I was going back through the archives of one of my favorite blogs, Joanna Goddard's, A Cup of Jo. And I saw these cute measuring cups...

I thought to myself, “Self…would there perhaps be other cute measuring cups on the worldwide web?” And there were, lots of them.

I like the look of these because they stack, but they're pretty. And they would probably wash up really well, not like plastic. I would definitely like these in my kitchen.
And I would also be super happy to have either one of these in my kitchen. I think they're so fanciful and almost like what I would have wanted when I was a little girl, and we should never lose our inner child should we?
This one I want sooooooooo bad for my sister. She likes anything to do with the ocean and she would love these seashell measuring cups. Maybe I'll order them for her birthday? It's not til next year in October. Surely by then I can save enough money?

And these next ones would be perfect for my mom's kitchen because she has very limited space and doesn't like anything that takes up a lot of room. So collapsible measuring cups would be perfect for her.
On this next group the only ones I really love are the magnetic ones that attach directly to your stove. These others are very pretty, especially because you can hang them and they're so decorative, but to me their cold, there's no warmth to them. What do you think?

The rest of these I just thought were unique and you can probably only find these in antique stores, or perhaps eBay?

And these would be great in you want to get kids involved in cooking because they're such fun shapes and colors. It would be really hard to lose these don't you think?

Do you remember what kind of measuring cups your mom had in the kitchen when you were growing up?

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