Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, July 29th was a Good Day!

Today started out like any other...I hit the snooze buttons 5 or 6 times and then dragged my tired butt out of bed. I was feeling sorry for myself because I was so tired so I allowed myself to buy myself an iced coffee from McDonald's...the one by my office makes the BEST coffee!!!

So the day was looking up by the time I got to the office. I was a little apprehensive though because my boss from Fresno was coming down today to do my 1st annual review. I had one at 6 months and that one sucked! I've never had a bad review so I guess I was due, but still...I never had a bad review. So I really wasn't looking forward to this one.

Brian showed up a little before noon but he had some computer repairs to do so Angelica and I went to lunch at a cute little place known as Coconut Joe's. They have really great tri-tip and chicken and I usually have the petite pair, so you get both the tri-tip and chicken, plus a side dish, I usually choose coleslaw and some salsa and a couple of tortillas.

But today I decided to try a chicken burrito and the girl at the counter asked me if I wanted to get the "works" for an extra dollar. The works included rice, lettuce and pico de gallo. Well I'm all for anything with pico de gallo. It was sooooooo good, and just enough for a lunch meal without making you feel all bloated and too lazy to get anymore work done. And even better Angelica offered to pay! Of course, I told her I would pay her back, so I guess next Tuesday I'll take her to lunch, but for today...I got free lunch!! Yippee!

And wait...it gets better because my review was very positive and left me with a very good feeling about job security, which is nice since I just bought a house in September! After my review it just seemed like everything I touched was handled smooth as silk. No problems, no stress, no complaints and everyone was my friend. Funny how a good attitude about yourself and your future makes everything else brighter.

So then, I remember that I finished my book last night and when I go home I will have nothing to read and I can't sleep without having something to read, and as embarrassing as this is...I can't go to the bathroom without having something to read! I'm currently reading the Left Behind series of books. I know I'm alot late as everyone else was reading these books in about 1999 or so, but better late than never.

Last year around October my neighbor across the street had a yard sale and she had the first eight books on sale for a dollar each, or some crazy price like that. So I bought them, intending to give them to my mom for Christmas. I had once given her the VHS tape of the Left Behind movie starring Kurt Cameron and she really liked it and I've searched for the rest of the video's ever since but never found them.

So I gave my mom the books for Christmas, but later on she told me they scared her and she didn't want to read them. So I took them back from her and I've been reading them. I just finished book #7 The Indwelling last night and I'm hooked. So I had a little bit of birthday money and a coupon for 25% off at Borders and was going to hit Borders after work where they are $14.95 each and I got this brilliant idea to hit the local Goodwill Store on Rosedale Highway where they sell nothing but books! I called them as I was leaving the office and got a really nice lady who said they had tons of those books! So I braved the 5pm rush hour on Truxtun Extension and the traffic on Calloway Road, then made a left onto Rosedale and braved traffic again til I got to the store and they did have tons, tons and tons; tons of the first 7 books which I've already read.

But luckily...they had one of book #8, The Mark. And it was a hardback in great condition! And they also had book #11, Armageddon. The cover on the book said original price was $24.99 and there was a sale price on each of $12.89 but get this; I bought both those books and another book called 365 Foods Kids Love To Eat, a cookbook all for $2.70!!!

Am I a great shopper or what? The lady there said they get new ones all the time and she'll keep an eye out for book #9 and #10 and I told her I will check back next week. So I made a new friend, kinda; and I also got something to read tonight. So as it is already 9:21pm and I'm really tired and I've had such an exciting, ok maybe not exciting, but an eventful day; I think I will go wash my face and brush my teethies and get into bed and read for a bit. I'm definitely going to take my time reading this book and not just devour it in two days.

Oh yeah, and I'm going to be checking out the new little cookbook and maybe I'll be making some new grub and posting pics. See...this day even ended with a good thought!

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  1. OMG you make me so proud. I have been getting a kick out of how you have spent your birthday money in your head like 20 different ways. a memory card... new perfume...books. and those are just the ideas you've told me about.

    I so approve of a $2.70 present. at this rate you'll be able to spread that present out over several very nice treats.


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