Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shopping, shopping, shopping, and then a little more shopping!

One of my co-workers spent her lunch hour shopping at Mervyn's and she told me they were having a really great 75% off sale. So after work, I called my sister and told her I was going to go shopping. She hates to shop so it was no big thrill to her but she told me to call her if I find anything good.

In the Mervyn's parking lot they had this big white tent set up with racks and racks of goodies. I went through the racks outside and found about 12 blouses. They also had some purses and I found a really nice one that would have been about $10 but it was kind of a lime green color, and really...what am I gonna wear with a lime green purse?

They had a ton of men's and kids clothing as well. I wish they had had more shoes, they just had one rack with some kids tennis shoes.

I went inside to try on the blouses and found a few more on the way. Inside the store most of the items were 40 to 50% off. The dressing room was a mess and the three young girls working in there apparently thought people who are trying on clothes don't have the ability to hear anymore because they whined and whined and whined! But anyway, that's another story.

So I tried on my items and I ended up buying 7 blouses. Three were from the outside sale and were 8.98, 8.98 and 9.48 each. Then another one was 14.39 (kinda iffy on this one, I may take it back, we'll see how it looks with my jeans tomorrow morning for casual Friday). There were two that were regular price $36.00 but I got them for $21.99 each. I got a red one and a white one. I hate to buy two of the exact same design, just a different color, but I really have been wanting a white one for a long time and you can hardly ever find red tops for adult women anymore unless they're tshirts.

I was very happy with my purchases and called Lisa on the way home. She met me at my house and immediately wanted to go back again. Well you don't have to twist my arm when it comes to shopping. So we went back to Bakersfield and she bought some really beautiful tops too. All in all, we did really good, especially me since I hadn't bought any new clothes since I bought my house. Now I have to go and hang them all up and decide what to wear tomorrow. It's kind of late or I would take pictures of them, but maybe tomorrow.

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