Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This past Saturday we celebrated my niece's Quinceañera. This is the Mexican equivalent of the Debutante ball or Coming Out party. My niece Beatriz or more lovingly called Bebe didn't want the big extravagant, expensive type of Quinceañera, she wanted something more simple and it was a beautiful party and she looked beautiful.

Here you see her with her paternal grandmother, my mom Tomasa. When Bebe was one year old my mom for some reason decided that every Christmas she would buy Bebe a Teddy Bear at our local Kmart. The bears had that year imprinted on the bear's leg and she bought one for Bebe each year from age 1 to this birthday...her 15th. Below this picture you can see the bears displayed at Bebe's Quinceañera. In the very middle you can see one bear that stands out because he's black. My mom forgot one year and ended up buying Bebe a bear in February, so my mom calls him the Black Sheep.

This is Bebe's family. My brother Fred, his wife Norma, oldest daughter Alicia, Bebe of course, little brother Fred Jr. and Melissa...the star of the previous post. You can see Bebe's cake, which was delicious and a bottle of champagne which was also delicious! The flowers arrangements on all the tables were made by Bebe's aunt, Norma's sister Adrianna.

Here's Bebe and her older sister Alicia and her favorite aunt Alicia...that's me of course. You'll have to pardon our shininess? glowiness? glossiness? Anyway, the sweat! It was one of the most humid days on record. But in spite of that, I think we look beautiful! (Although my hair was a bit flat!)

And this picture is a little dark but this is Bebe dancing with her Daddy, my baby brother Fred. I know he looks drunk, but he wasn't...he was just exhausted. It was a long day for everyone, but it was beautiful and I'm sure a day Bebe will never forget. She looked beautiful and she was all smiles the whole day. A true Princess, long may she Reign!

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