Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

One of my favorite blogs, Southern Hospitality features a "Today's Thrifty Treasures" every Monday. She invites bloggers from across blogland to a Thrifty Treasures Linky Party. To attend this party you write a post about a thrift shop/yard sale/antique store, etc type of treasure that you've found and you link your post to her website where it's listed together with other partiers. I've been checking out everyone else's treasures for awhile and decided this week to "go to the party".

Normally my thrifting partner is my mom. We had a whole day planned for Saturday because Monday is my birthday and I had told her that all I wanted for my birthday was to thrift til we dropped and then a great lunch. But unfortunately mom took a spill in the kitchen, and while she's ok, she did bruise her little toe and she didn't feel up to wearing shoes, let alone walking.

My sister took pity on me and said that if I would go to J.C. Penney's with her, she would go to a FEW thrift stores with me. So somethings better than nothing right?

We hit the Discovery Store first. This store is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and it's one of my favs to hit after work on Friday as it's just down the street from my office. It's been a while since I had found anything good there, but this Saturday I found a pair of Lee Capri pants in light blue (not pictured), and the following. . .

This little butterfly picture was $5.00. A little pricey, but it's for the American Cancer Society so I don't mind spending more than I would have if I had found this at a yard sale.

Here you can see it completes the display in my bathroom. Originally I had three butterflies
but one of them met it's demise because everyone who uses my bathroom automatically assumes the light switch is there and they run into my butterflies. I had to secure the remaining two with tape. This new little butterfly friend fit perfectly on that bare nail, don't you think?

I've been trying to complete a Grape/Wine decor in my kitchen but I'm doing it only with items bought while thrifting...nothing new! I was lucky enough to find this tile/trivet? Not sure what it really is, but it came with twine to hang it from and it fit perfectly under my wine bottle picture and it was a mere $3.00.

I looked up the name San Martino delle Scale and it's a Benedictine abbey in Siciliy. The original monastery was founded by Pope Gregory the Great circa 600. It was burnt down by invading Arabs in 829, and built anew over the ruins in 1346. It is still used. Among its art treasures is a splendid marble staircase by Venanzio Marvuglia from the 1700's and Ignazio Marabitti's famous "Saint Martin and the Beggar," dedicated to the patron saint of the abbey. There is also a painting titled "Daniel in the Lions' Den" by Monreale's own Pietro Novelli, dating from the late 1500s. I don't know much about wines, but I do know I love Pinot Grigio!

From the Discovery store on our way to J.C. Penney's we hit the brakes for an unplanned stop at an Estate Sale where I found this little treasure. And it was so difficult to photograph him as you know how fast hummingbirds wings flap! Good thing I have a great camera!

He flittered about my home until he landed next to my lovely little candlestick/piece of art? I'm not sure what this object is; but it's definitely beautiful. And I guess my little hummingbird thought so as well.They seem almost meant to be don't they?

Hummingbird cost me $1.00 at the estate sale! My sis purchased a jewelry box for $5.00 and three really nice heavy-duty knives for $1.00! And that was it for my thrifting yesterday. I won't even go into what I bought brand-new at J.C. Penney's because that was clothing and clothing whether vintage or brand-new is always ok to buy in my book! Plus it is my birthday tomorrow so I deserved it!!!

I did want to mention the curtains pictured below. I haven't had time to buy the curtain rod I want to use, this is just temporary, but I got these beauties at the American Cancer Society Discovery Store for a mere $8.00 a couple of weeks ago. I'll post pictures later with a nicer rod, but aren't they pretty? These are for my bedroom.

Here's the full shot. The picture on either side of the curtains are also thrift store finds, as is the little table my TV sits on and the mint green table cover is from the Discovery Store. I really don't like to buy new!

So be sure to visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality to see what treasures all the other thrifting queens found!


  1. Oh no, I hope Mom is doing ok! Well, you found alot of great things! That hummer is gorgeous, and goes so well with the piece of art. I see you've read the Twilight series this year. Did you read them back to back like I did?! Can't wait for New Moon in November! My daughter is coming home from college to go with me!

  2. What a cute little wine label "trivet." You need to collect some more and make a little vignette with them. The colors of your hummingbird and the candlestick DO go together well.
    :-) Sue

  3. Great finds - hope you mom gets to feeling better and Happy Birthday

  4. What a cute little hummingbird. We have a feeder in our backyard & love to watch the little creatures. Thanks for playing today.

  5. What a beautiful little hummer! You're camera is amazing to capture it like that. ;o)

  6. Love the little wine tile! So neat and love the vintage look of it! It looks awesome with your other wine picture! Love your curtains too! Great finds!


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