Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thrift Shop Treasures

We made the rounds again Saturday, me and my partner in crime, my mom; all healed from her spill in the kitchen and ready to find treasures. We were joined by my sister Lisa who went only because she didn't want to miss bonding with her mom.

We drove by a couple of yard sales but didn't see anything worth stopping for, so we went to our favorite place, the Goodwill Stores. I didn't have a whole lot of luck this week in locating curtain rods that I liked, but I did find the following items. . .

This book by Nicholas Sparks. He's the author that wrote the book turned into the wonderful tearjerker movie "The Notebook". If you want a super romantic, make you cry out loud movie; this is the one.

If you look over to the sidebar on the right at my list of books read for 2009 you will see that I've already read two of his books this year. At First Sight and The Wedding. They were good books, a bit too "happily ever after" but still good. I'll let you know how this one is. It's a hardbound copy and was only 95 cents.

I also found a pair of pink sandals. These were $4.25 but they were brand new, still had the tag on them and they're Cherokee sandals. I'm wearing one to show the sequined detail, (don't look at my unpedicured toes) :-(

I left the other sandal without my foot in it so you could see the detail on the all leather sole. They're really pretty, don't you think? I love pink!

I've also started collecting a new thing. I have a sensitivity to almost all metals, so I can't wear any costume jewelry that's made out of any metals. Sometimes I can wear things that are nickel-free, but sometimes I can't. I have gold earrings I can wear but I've never had pretty necklaces. So my sister came up with this great idea of collecting charms that I like and putting them on black satin rope.

The one below is the first one I've done. I purchased the charm new at Wal-mart for $2.97 and a spool of the rope for the same price. So now I'm going to search when I go to Goodwill's for pretty charms that I can string and use as necklaces. Good idea right?

I found this pink one. It's made of glass, like the one above and it had a pink rope chain on it, but it was really thick and I didn't like it, plus it had a metal clasp and would have irritated my neck.

My mom gave me this one. She had it in her jewelry box and doesn't remember when, where or how she got it, but I think it's going to look beautiful on the black satin ring. I'll have to remember to take a picture of them both when I wear them. I think the pink one above was $3.75, the cameo of course was free :-)

Mom scored some clothes, but her big score of the day was the boots below! It's funny because when she saw them she loved them. But when she looked inside at the size she saw that they were 6 1/2. I wear a 6 1/2 so she brought them to me but I immediately vetoed them as I despise wedge heels. She tried to talk me into trying them on as she loves wedge heels but I refused. So she made my sister try them on. Lisa wears a size 7, but when she tried them on they were HUGE! Turns out they weren't 6 1/2 but 26 1/2!! Not sure what sizing that is but it turned out they were a perfect 9 which is what my mom wears! It was meant to be. Don't you love when that happens?

Here's a close up of the wedge. Mom loves wedgies...umm, I mean wedges. They are pretty, just not my style.

That was it for our treasures yesterday. We have a great lunch at Carrows, then we went to Wal-mart and then the grocery store! All in all a full day. How did you do? Any treasures?
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  1. Awesome finds! Love those charms, so pretty! Love those pink sandals too! Awesome for your mom on the boots!

  2. Alicia, love those pink sandals, they are too cute! And I love the boots your mom found too, I would have grabbed those too. They are very pretty & chocolate brown is a good color to have.

    Oh, and your mom's cameo...gorgeous!

    thanks for joining today!

  3. Cute pink sandals, and I love the charms!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. What cute sandals and such a neat little idea to hang charms and pendants off of that black roping.
    You could use satin string for a more elegant look and suede or leather for a casual look.

  5. forgot to say I ate at a Carrows when I was in Pacific Grove this spring. I had a decent meal for an inexpensive price.

  6. You got a good deal on the charms. I bought some Sat. at a bead show and paid $4 ea.. Yesterday found the loop was broken on one of them and it was to late to go back. :( vNot another show til July - may try and take it back them.
    Cute sandles.

  7. I meant "Not another show til October". My coffee never really kicked in this morning. :)

  8. Hello Alicia - fabulous finds! I especially those pretty glass hearts. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Great idea for making your own jewelry! I love doing that too. They have charms at WalMart? I had to idea. Love those pink sandals, so summery perfect! Good luck with that Nicholas Sparks book. I won't read any more of his books, because they're too sad, and someone always dies! I hate crying!


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