Monday, July 13, 2009

Jack in the Box

I love Jack in the Box tacos. In our family we call them dog meat tacos because the meat in them resembles dog food. But they are so tasty and Jack making them 99cents for two...well that's just super! Delicious and cheap! Crispy, crunchy, just greasy enough to make them taste like Mexican food!
Just looking at that picture above makes you wonder what Jack could ever do to top those tacos. And for years and years and years he couldn't think of anything. So we just enjoyed the dog meat tacos and were content.
But now, Jack has gone and done it! I think that accident that he had a few months ago joggled his brains and made him much more creative because now he's come up with the Jack in the Box Nachos! My sister and I order some on the way home Friday just to try them out. Were we surprised! Because Jack took those awesome, wonderful, just greasy enough tacos and cut them into slices and put them on a bed of lettuce, added nacho cheese and jalapenos and Voila!!! Jack in the Box Nachos!
Now I will warn you that these are not a fast food you can eat in your car while you are driving, unless you have a sister that will hold the tray for you. But even then they are very ooey and gooey and messy. It's really much better to get the regular tacos because those are totally eat in your car while driving food.
Try them though and tell me what you think? I think they're great but could use quite a few more jalapenos. Other than that they are perfect and I can't wait to see what Jack comes up with next!
Go Jack!

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