Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Seems to me this is getting to be just an Iwanna Wednesday blog, and that's not what I wanted or intended. I guess I just have to be more diligent about posting. I have lots to say and lots of ideas to share, but by the time I get home and have dinner, well and watch some TV and share some time with my mom, it's time for bed.

The other night my mom decided to make fried ham sandwiches for dinner. It's kind of a normal, traditional meal for us. You buy sliced ham and fry it in a pan, toast your bread, apply your condiments...I prefer Mayo, add your fried ham, lettuce and tomato and you have the best sandwich in the world. If you happen to have some avocado then it's sheer heaven.

So I decided that I would make some jalapeno poppers with cream cheese. Lest you think I make them from scratch (hahaha), I buy them frozen and then I toast them up in my toaster oven.
Well I guess I have never had so many electrical appliances on at once cause I blew the breakers and I lost electricity to my kitchen and my toaster blew out. Which was ok because it was really, really old. I bought it when I was still married and my kids were 7 and 11 then and now they're 23 and 27...sooooo that tells you how old the toaster is. It's one of those that when you put your bread in you have to stand-by and push the do-hickey up or the toast will burn.

I went shopping online, which is what I do best; for a toaster and OMGosh, they make some really cute ones now-a-days.

Iwanna any one of these:

Aren't these all beautiful? Which one would you Iwanna?

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