Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well I gotta say, all in all, barring getting 1 year older it was a great day! Although I did go to work the girls at work had a cake for me and a box of chocolates. Actually two cakes, one chocolate and one funfetti white cake!

Another friend gave me a canopy for my bed. I'm still debating if my room is big enough for a canopy or whether I'll feel claustrophobic. I'll post pictures if I put it up.
And my mom really surprised me with an addition to my grape/wine themed kitchen. She purchased the two grape trivets shows in the pictures below and then set up a little display along with the plates my daughter gave me. Now I've done a few tablescapes but it never dawned on me to display a tablescape under the glass top so I can actually use the table. The glass is on top and you are looking through it to see the display. Isn't my mom brilliant and doesn't she have excellent taste in gifts?

I also received a beautiful green suede jacket from my sister which I'll take a picture of once it's actually cool enough to wear a jacket since it's 108 degrees today!

My daughter took me out to a super dinner last night at Mimi's. I had my favorite Asian Chicken Salad, she had Scallops with Asparagus Ravioli - Yummo! And my mom who also joined us had Maple Glazed pork chops that were to die for! Mimi's staff was gracious enough to provide us with a dessert ensemble consisting of a brownie hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries and an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Thanks Mimi's. They also gave me a gift card with a free appetizer for next time I visit.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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