Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee - $24.96 a Gallon

You know who I love?
I love Starbucks coffee. Love it!
Back before I bought my house I would get a Starbucks coffee every single day.
Every day!
My poison of choice? A Venti Breve Latte with one Splenda!
Mmmmm, so creamy and warm and delicious, perfectly sweet, but not too sweet. I just wanted to kiss it and hug it and marry it!!

Then, I bought my house and I heard a guy on the radio talking about what Whiners we Americans are and how we whine about the price of food and gas and a gallon of milk when the whole time we are spending $30 a gallon on coffee.

Yep, me.
If you figure that my Venti Breve Latte with One Splenda was 20 ounces and cost me $3.90 per day, and it takes 128 ounces to fill a gallon then I would have to buy 6.4 Venti Breve Lattes with One Splenda to fill a gallon and 6.4 x $3.90 = $24.96.

I was buying coffee at $24.96 per gallon! And at $3.90 per day x 5 day work weeks x 50 weeks (estimating two weeks vacation) = $975.00 per year!

It put everything in perspective for me and now I brew my own coffee every morning at home.

Do I miss my barista? Yes I do. He knew me the minute I drove up to the drive thru and he would always say, "Good morning, Venti Breve Latte with One Splenda this morning?" And I felt like I belonged, like someone loved me and worshipped me and wanted to make sure that my every desire was met. I don't know, maybe $24.96 a gallon wasn't so much to pay for such a great feeling.

What's your big splurge and could you live without it?

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