Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weird Sitings on the Road

Back in October my sister took a picture of this on the commute home from work. We thought it was pretty weird. Recently we've seen another weird object that is unexplainable to us and we've tried to take pictures as we drive by with no luck.

This Saturday while I was out by myself thrift shopping, I drove over to where this object is and took these pictures for my sister. A winged horse? He's beautiful and someone obviously took a lot of time to make's driving us crazy why. Lisa says she's going to call them up and ask, so if she does I'll let you know what he's going to be used for. Righ now he's just the Guardian of Route 99 in Bakersfield.

Not sure what this was made for or what it's going to be used for...but it's so beautiful. I love it!

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