Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Food Frenzy

It's no wonder that the term "por eso estamos como estamos" fits my family and myself to a T. We're a bunch of food-o-holics. This morning I got up early ready to do chores, weeding, washing bedding, etc. So I showered, made coffee and then made pancakes. I sat and had my delicious pancakes with a glass of OJ and coffee in front of the computer while I caught up on some blogs.

Then the phone rings and it's my sister and she wants to go out to breakfast. She loves breakfast out on Sunday mornings. So I told her I had already eaten but I would go with her and keep her company. So we went to IHOP and believe it or not I ordered their new special! Two eggs and some kind of loaded potatoes, which were country potatoes made with bacon, cheese, green onions and topped with sour cream. Sort of like a baked potato. They were yummy. To my credit I didn't eat but half of them but I did eat both eggs and all the toast!

Then I came home and did some of that weeding and laundry and then my son decided he wanted pizza. So he went out and got us one and I had two slices of pizza! And two pecan sandies for dessert.

And I just got off the phone with my mom who wanted me to come over and have some frito chip salad with her! I begged off because I've got so much to do and because I'm stuffed from all the junk I've eaten this day already. And I know there's a bowl of ice cream with my name on it in the freezer as a reward when I'm done with all my chores...I have to leave room for that. It's ice cream after all. I know there's a storm outside and the wind is blowing and it's cold and dreary, but I must have ice cream!

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