Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday

Last week I showed you all a beautiful bookcase, wall display unit. And I mentioned a desk that is shown in the picture.

Well this week what Iwanna is something to put on that beautiful little desk. What you may ask? This...

and not just the monitor and keyboard, but Iwanna the whole system with all the latest gadgets including CD and DVD burners, a scanner, printer and fax, the latest version of either Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.

I've debated whether or not it would be better to have a laptop and while I love the idea of being able to write posts to my blog while in bed all warm and toasty I really can't afford Wi-Fi, so there's really no purpose to having the lap top at this point.

But since this is just an Iwanna moment, then Iwanna that PC up there and Iwanna the laptop with Wi-Fi as well :0)

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