Friday, October 24, 2014

Burnt Chicken - No Lunch - Losing my Mind - Way too Busy to be Productive!

You won’t believe what I did last night!

I made pork chops with Rice-a-Roni Garlic Rice Pilaf and salad.

At the same time I seasoned some chicken breasts and put them in the oven and set the timer on my phone.

We ate a nice homemade meal, both my kids in 7th heaven because they love my cooking.

I cleaned up the kitchen and went to go try on a witch costume my co-worker loaned me for a Halloween Party I'm going to this Saturday.

While I was trying it on my alarm went off on my phone that the chicken had finished baking for 1 hour.

I turned it off and promptly forgot all about it because I was busy taking a picture of myself in the costume to send to my sister. That was at 6:45 pm.

At 9:00 pm I remember the chicken! I ran to the kitchen and my son was just coming in and and saw the panic on my face. I yelled “I forgot the chicken!”

He said, “No you didn't, I heard the timer go off on your phone and saw you shut it off”.

I said “I know! I shut it off and then forgot to turn the oven off!!!”

 Needless to say I had 2 charcoal bricks stuck to the foil paper in the oven *sigh* no lunch for me today!

Life is just too rushed anymore...


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  1. Fine looking piece of chicken. I am sure salmonella will not be a concern. Poo happens! Take a deep breath and say to hell with it.


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