Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baby J Sunday! Fall is in the Air!

Any day with Baby J is a good day, but starting out Sunday morning with her is especially wonderful. This child is a bundle of energy and keeps us all on the go but my gosh is she adorable and funny! Such a great little personality! Her Nini (grandmother) and her Poppa (grandfather) and I all went to a Halloween Costume party last night. Her Nini was just dying this morning to give her the orange thingy she wore on her head last night. Needless to say Baby J loved it.

Nini and Poppa on the top picture, Baby J dancing in the kitchen and with her daddy.
Then she cracked my mom and me up when I tried to get a picture with her next to a little Halloween decoration filled with fall leaves. I asked her to stand next to the "flowers" as she calls them and she thought the best way to take the picture was for her to just lay her head on the table!

I had to scootch her around and show her how to stand alongside the table, then she gave me the cheesiest smile!

What a character!

Here's just some random pictures that I thought were adorable. This child is just like her Nini, super photogenic!

When it was time for her daddy to leave he asked if I wanted to spend some time with her without him and Nini around and I jumped at the chance to have her all to myself. You can see in the picture above that she just loved standing inches from the TV watching Scooby Do! Another great Baby J Sunday!

And the day before wasn't bad either. Lisa and I went to a surprise Wedding Reception for a dear friend Rebecca and she was thrilled to see us and we were so happy for her! We met her new husband and their baby girl Natalie. We had some great food and are so lucky to have a such a great friends. Wishing you and Matt and Natalie every happiness and joy in the world Rebecca! Love you my friend!

That evening Lisa and her husband G and I all went to a Halloween costume party hosted by relatives of G. We had a great time and I'll end this with a picture of the three of us in costume. Thank you Connie for inviting us! It was a Blast!



  1. The little one provides a lot of fun.
    It's nice to go to weddings and parties.
    Judging by the picture with the three of you in Halloween costumes, the party was indeed a "blast".

    1. Oh she is great entertainment. Lifts the spirit of us all!

      We did have a great time at the party. Good food, new friends, old friend and dancing!

  2. You did wear the dress in the last photo only to the halloween party and not the wedding?

    Some by your self Baby J time--priceless...but it is always great to return them!

    1. Oh no! That dress was just for the party...regular clothes to the wedding reception. After the reception we came and changed here at my office.

      Yeah, the best thing about Baby J is that I can give her back...hahaha, that child has way too much energy for me!


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