Sunday, October 5, 2014

Baby J Sunday - Blue Hawaiian!

Every single day I click to feed shelter animals at The Animal Rescue Site. It's super easy. I get a reminder every day in my email, I click the link in the email, click the link on the website and Bing-Bang-Boom I help to feed shelter animals. You can even check by state to see what shelters in your area receive help. In my city the Shafter Animal Control Center receives food so it makes me happy to know that I am helping a local shelter and local animals. If you check your email every day, set up the reminder and feed shelter animals!

My reason for mentioning this on Baby J Sunday is that every once in a while the Animal Rescue Site will offer you a free item, you just pay for shipping and you can make a small monetary donation if you want. They sent me an offer for a beautiful scarf and I love scarves so I ordered one. I also love Baby J and love to play dress up with her and she loves clothes and "pretties" as she calls them.

We had spent much of the morning playing outside and I raked up a pile of leaves for her and then showed her how much fun it was to toss them in the air and watch them rain down. She loved that and did it over and over and over and got herself covered with dried leaves, sticks and dirt! So we gave her a bubble bath and then dressed her up in the scarf. She was so cute we had to take pictures!

You can see my mom in the background. She's all smiles when Baby J is around! Who wouldn't be though as babies are so much fun!

You can see her daddy's hand in the picture above always ready to catch his little girl. That's what daddies do!

She's such a little doll! You would think that she loves to pose and was posing for the camera but actually I'm just snapping photo after photo because she moves so darn quickly! In the next one you can see her little hand is blurred because she moves so fast!

Love Baby J Sunday and every time I wear this blue scarf I will remember that I helped to feed innocent little shelter animal and I will remember my beautiful little Baby J looking so Blue Hawaiian!



  1. What a little ham. She looks like she is doing the super model poses. Neat idea on the shelters.

    1. She is a little ham! It just amazes me how something so small could entertain us so much! There's nothing better than having a baby in the family!

      Yes, hopefully you will sign up to donate food to them, they couldn't have made it easier for us!


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