Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baby J Sunday - Decorating for Fall with my Favorite Little Helper!

Had my son take my boxes of Fall decorations out of storage and decided since it was Baby J Sunday it would be a great day to start putting some decorations around the house to get everyone into a holiday mood. It is so fun to see things through the eyes of a child! She was just mesmerized by all the fun things in the boxes. Had to watch her though as many of my things are breakable. She did find a few things to play with that were Baby-J-Unbreakable!

She loved this plush little pumpkin. She had just been to visit the Pumpkin Patch yesterday and she was all about the Pumpkins! Love how she balanced it on her head!

Then she found a plastic bag filled with my fall leaves, so of course she had to take them all out of the bag! What else would you do with a bag full of fall leaves?

So once you have a whole bag of fake fall leaves on the floor what do you do? Why you toss them up into the air just like I showed her how to do with the real ones we raked up in the backyard! After all, daddy was there to pick them up!

But even with all the wonderful distractions of my lovely little helper, I was able to somewhat get some fall decorating done! Baby J will have to wait until next week to see the end results and I shudder to think what's going to happen when she wants to play with the plush pumpkins and the fall leaves again!

You can see the plush pumpkin in the middle here on my dining room hutch and I artfully tossed the fake Fall leaves and placed decorations on top. She hasn't even see the turkey's yet...that's going to be an adventure!

I know she's going to want to play with this little witch house! She's going to love the little shoes!

Maybe the ghosts will keep her curious little hands away! BOOOOOO!

Another great day with Baby J!



  1. At this age, curiosity pushes them everywhere.
    The photos with the plush pumpkin on her cute, little head are priceless.

    1. Yes DUTA, she comes up with some weird ideas such as putting the pumpkin on her head! She's such a pleasure and entertains us all with her antics!

  2. The cutey loves those leaves! Wait till she sees your display! You will have to tie her up. Very nice display, BTW. My wife loves Halloween knickknacks, she would go nutso over the witch house!

    1. Oh I can just imagine when she sees them all displayed. Most of them are glass and ceramic and she's going to want to put them on her head!

      I love Halloween knickknacks also and this is just a small representation, I have lots more but just not enough room to display them all. The witch house is one of my favorites and I also have a few glass witches shoes. I would love to find a ruby slipper like the one in the Wizard of Oz.

  3. I remember how exciting it was when my mom would decorate for fall.

    1. It's funny that my son who is 29 gets excited to see me getting my decorations put up, they remind him of his childhood too.


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