Friday, December 18, 2009

What a week!

Is everyone starting to feel the pressure? By next week at this time Christmas will be mostly over with except for cleaning up of wrapping paper, washing of dishes and thoughts of how we will NEVER eat another bite of food again!!

I can't wait! For the food anyway. Once you become an adult the presents don't seem as important as the food do they?

This past week has been a rush of trying to get things done. I've been doing Christmas shopping on my lunch hour and after work. Work itself has been hectic because we know next week is just a three-day work week. The bosses are coming down from Corporate on the 22nd to take us to lunch for Christmas and we're all a little on edge about that hoping that's all they're coming down here to do!

I've got a car trunk full of unwrapped presents and I haven't even remembered to buy wrapping paper, ribbon or even scotch tape! This is going to be a busy weekend. I'm finally feeling better though. I seem to have kicked whatever it was I had last weekend when my daughter was here.

I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the big day. In our family we get together on Christmas Eve and open gifts and eat, and eat and did I mention we eat? Then Christmas Day we spend with our immediate families and eat some more.

I was hoping to have some pictures to post of Christmas decorations but it seems the only time I'm home is in the evening after dark and my camera doesn't do the greatest job of taking pictures without daylight. So tomorrow I'll try to get some nice pictures.

Good luck tomorrow for all of those last minute shoppers, maybe you'll see me out there!


  1. Amen...that's what I am thinking...A-MEN! Seems like rush, rush, rush to get too much done and's over...still love it though, don't we?!

    I hope you get everything done you need to, so next week can be a bit calmer...happy final weekend of shopping:)

  2. Mmmmm....Christmas food..... :-)
    Good luck with the Christmas crowds Alicia!


  3. I love the food and the presents I shop for, trying to make each one special.

  4. I forgot to tell you -I have been having tons of Google problems and I am still blogging away it is just not updating in Reader.


  5. Hi Alicia, you are very busy. Our family opens presents and eats dinner on Christmas Eve also. Christmas day is usually very quiet and we don't do anything except maybe go to the movies or out to have a drink or something. It seems the older I get the more I think about food too. All the goodies and turkey and/or whatever. But I do so love seeing all the wrapped Christmas presents under the tree.


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