Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm such a SPAZ!

Courtesy of
spaz or spazz (spāz)
n. pl. spazz·es

One who is considered clumsy or inept.

Yep...that would be me. Clumsy and inept. Well at least for today. I started yesterday with "decking the halls with boughs of holly" and "Fa-la-la'ing". Needless to say I only got half done before I pooped out and went to bed. (That is me there on the left. I always wear a long black gown and lose 60 pounds before I start my holiday decorating, don't you?)

This morning I finished, but while moving my love seat out of the way so that I could get to the back of the tree (which faces the street) to decorate I kinda broke stubbed hurt my finger. The wedding ring finger...the one with no wedding ring. :0(

It is pretty sore and a little bit swollen and really hurts when I try to I'm not going to. I'm going to just go watch Lifetime channel and let my finger rest for a night because this is going to be a busy week. I have lots to share.

Everyone have a great Monday and a great week and check back later to see some pictures of me at my company Christmas party, pictures of my Christmas Tree and other decor, maybe some baking pic? Who knows, could be.


  1. Oh Alicia I am so sorry to hear about your finger! My husband recently had almost the same experience and has been in a cast for weeks! I hope it is better soon ;)

  2. Aw. Definitely rest up that typing finger...we'd miss it terribly if it couldn't join the others in your typing.

    I was reading your post and only glanced peripherally at the image...I thought the treestand was a cocktail on the floor. Shows where my mind is...even at 6:30 in the morning!!

  3. If it's swollen put some ice and it will do the job.

    Feel better fast and don't overwork yourself!

  4. Sorry to hear you jammed your finger. You are doing the best thing by letting it rest. I'll be back this week to see what you've been up to.
    Love your blog header!

  5. Maybe a pick of your finger???? :)
    I hope it feels better soon. That can be very painful and put you out for a while. Praying for you to heal quickly!

  6. First I have to say you look great in your long black gown!
    & Sorry to hear about the hurt finger. Hope it gets better very soon.

  7. Ok, now, that was a great excuse to watch lifetime. HA!! Hope your finger is starting to feel better.

  8. fiberdoodles - Thanks! I'm glad I'm not in a cast! I'm sure his injury was much worse than mine.

    Kathryn - It does look like a martini glass now that you mention it. :=)

    DUTA - I'm typing one handed today, which really limits me to short unlike me! Thank you for stopping by.

    Jane - Thanks for stopping my. Glad you like the header, I've gotten quite a few compliments :-)

    Summur - Thank you for the prayer and I think it's helping because it's feeling much better today, still a bit swollen though.

    Lena - Thanks for the compliment on the black gown, I do look rather amazing don't I :0)

    nannykim/spindlecottage - lol, like I need an excuse to watch Lifetime! I love Lifetime! Especially during Christmas. Have you seen the 12 Men of Christmas? Whoooo Hoooo!

  9. Alicia, I'm sorry to hear that you hurt your finger. I hope you enjoyed those lifetime movies though. I watched Lifetime all day too. Hope your finger is doing better today.

  10. I hope your finer is feeling better. You look great in that gown!

  11. Ouch! You are wise to rest up. Hope you are back to typing soon!


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