Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday - What Iwanna in 2010

Well Christmas is over...although I'm still picking up pieces of tape from my carpet from the gift wrapping :-) Soon...we will be in the year 2010. Wow, can you believe that? 2010!

But it's been a good year for this Iwanna. I had a lot of fun posting about all the things that Iwanna see, own, eat, buy, visit and more. That brings me to wondering what Iwanna in 2010.

Rather than make a list of New Year's Resolutions I'm going to Iwanna instead (less obligation and stress to Iwanna than to make resolutions).

#1 - Iwanna in 2010
Iwanna what we all lose some weight. knew that one was going to be on the Iwanna list right?

#2 - Iwanna in 2010
Vegas BABY! I'd really like to visit Vegas in 2010. I have a niece that recently moved there and I would love to go visit her...Hi Alicia (she's named after me).

#3 - Iwanna in 2010
Jodi Picoult Books! I own a few of them, but I would love to collect all the books written by Jodi Picoult. So far every one I've read I've loved! (I threw this Iwanna wish in here because this one is probably the most likely to actually come true.)

#4 - Iwanna in 2010
Iwanna appear on the show "What Not to Wear"! I know, you have to be a really lousy or weird dresser and c'mon...I'm a darn good dresser. But's an Iwanna wish so it doesn't really have to be a reasonable or realistic wish, it can be anything Iwanna and Iwanna go to New York and spend $5,000 on myself and hang out with Stacy and Clinton.

#5 - Iwanna in 2010
Iwanna take a cooking class. Doable, don't you think? But here's what makes it Iwanna crazy. Iwanna cooking class with my own personal, professional chef teacher. Who you ask? None other than the IRON CHEF himself....Bobby Flay!!!

*sigh* Isn't he dreamy? Ok...I know, he's married, that's why I only want to cook with him. And I totally mean in the kitchen! C'mon...get your minds out of the gutter!

And my final Iwanna wish for 2010 is for everyone who reads my blog, or at least glances at the pictures. (See, Iwanna isn't selfish, she can Iwanna on behalf of others!)

#6 - Iwanna in 2010
What Iwanna is to wish everyone the following. . .

From Iwanna,


  1. That is a good list of Iwannas! I hope all your Iwannas turn into Ididas! LOL Happy New Year

  2. I soooooo want to be on what not to wear too:)
    I bet you will get half of these things:)
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  3. I wish you and your family a very happy & healthy New Year, and all of your Iwannas come true!!!

  4. Fun Iwanna post, Alicia!

    Iwanna wish you all the best in 2010!

  5. good list! Iwanna go back to Las Vegas this year as well. It will be our 10th wedding anniversary and we got married in Vegas!

  6. that is definitely a good list of Iwannas. I've always wanted to go on that show, What Not To Wear, also. I would love to get some money to splurge on a wardrobe in New York. That would be so awesome.

    Happy New Year to you, Alicia.

    Oh, and if you ever do make it to Vegas, I'd love for you to look me up.

  7. Great List!
    I hope all your Iwanna's come true!
    Happy New Year, Alicia.

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  9. That is some list, Alicia. I would just like to have the what not to wear money, not the embarrassment and the ridicule one experiences being on the show~ LOL
    Hope the new year brings you all good things!
    ~ Sue

  10. I LOVE your "I wanna" list! can't have Clinton...he's MINE! You may have Stacy, though...the 4 of us will have a blast!!


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