Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iwanna Wednesday - I'm in the Closet

Welcome to Iwanna Wednesday. My sister and my mom call me Iwanna because it doesn't matter where we are; a store, someones house, driving by someones house, driving by a store, whatever...I can always find something I want. So my sister said they shouldn't have named me Alicia they should have named me Iwanna, because Iwanna almost everything I see.

I guess I do Wanna everything, but it's not like I know I'm going to get everything, it's just that I'm easily pleased :-)

I love pretty things, practical thing, impractical thing...just things.

But when Iwanna so many cool things I sometimes have trouble finding enough storage space for them. Especially clothes. Iwanna a lot of clothes and shoes...OMGosh! I love shoes! And purses! And scarves! But I have to limit myself because I have a pretty small closet.

So what Iwanna today is a custom closet! Yep, one that will let me store and display all my little pretties!

Have you all seen Mariah Carey's shoe closet? And mind you...this is just for shoes. Take a look.

Ok, that may be a bit much. I have a few shoes, but I don't think my whole family put together has enough shoes to fill that closet.

Now I could show you closets that would work in my house, but that wouldn't be any fun and it wouldn't be what Iwanna. Iwanna show you the closets of my dreams...the closets I would have if I could have anything Iwanna.

C'mon, lets see!

First up is this pretty little gem. Don't you love the colors. So calm and soothing! I don't know that I'm all into this persons clothes though. She seems to like to wear a lot of white

I really love the storage space in the closet island on this one (kinda like a kitchen island only I don't think it would be a good idea to slice onions so near to my clothes. Onion breath is bad enough!

This next one is pretty adorable. I think I could actually make this one work in my bedroom. There's no island or anything, but I love how open and airy it is.

This next one is so sweet :-) I think I could just stare at it for hours!

And for the Pièce de résistance...Iwanna this one for sure. I think this is my favorite. Why would I ever even want to leave this room? I mean there's a bath, clothes, shoes, a couch for lounging. Heck if I can just get my son or my mom to bring me food in here it would be perfect. Oh wait...Iwanna be sure there's a little nook somewhere for my computer so I could blog of course.

So are you lucky enough to have the closet of your dreams? Or do you just Iwanna one like I do? Let me know.

And if you like what you've seen and read today then I would just be tickled pink if you would sign up to be a follower of my blog, cause that's another thing Iwanna...lots of lovely followers!


  1. I thought I was looking at a kitchen too! Yeah, probably not a very good idea to slice onions near the clothes... But I think my fave is the last one. I love the multi-panes on the glass doors!!! I'm wild about french doors anyway!
    I'm now a follower of your blog. I love your wit!


  2. I love those closets, I seriously love the one with a the island however if I had it, I would be tempted to have it piled high with stuff because it is a flat surface and those are dangerous in my home. Any flat surface becomes game for piles!

    Unfortunately my closet is more neglected than it should be and is shared with the mister...One day I hope to have the closet of my dreams!

  3. Awesome closets...my hubby is a real estate broker and he has a 5,000sf house listed that has a closet like the one in the third pic...there is three pull outs for shoes and storage all the way to the ceiling (16ft I think)...I have been in a lot og HUGE closets but this one tops them all! I would just love to double mine...a girl can dream...can't she? Hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. sweetjeanette - Thanks for following. I've been a follower of your blog for a while now and I love all your great ideas and insights.

    Audra - I saw a different picture of a closet with an island and it was decorated with wrought iron hat stands with hats...it was so pretty.

    Linda - I love to go and look at homes. My sister was looking recently and we saw some awesome closets, most of them much bigger than my own bedroom! But you're right, we can dream and Iwanna and it doesn't hurt anyone :-)

  5. I love the last one too.........you could take a bath and look at all the organized clothes!
    that is what Iwanna....organized clothes for my whole family:)

  6. My favorite closet is the one in the fifth picture( the one before the last). I like the nice inner partition which makes place for clothes, shoes, accessories.

    Whatever closet you buy, enjoy it!

  7. Braley Mama (Summur) - I never thought about just gazing at all my organized clothes while in the bath. That would be wonderful! I see alot of organizing for you in the new year :-)

    DUTA - I really liked that one as well. We'll see how committed I can be to organization in the New Year!

  8. Ah,Alicia, my favorite blog to read on Wednesday. You never disappoint.

    I do not have the closet of my dreams. I do however, have a closet similar to the one pictured in photo number four, only mine isn't that pretty.

    My favorite one is the bottom one also. I could really learn how to meditate in that room. I'd never want to leave.

    I dream of big closets, big house, big lot, with a lake and my own dock and boat. Ah....dreams are wonderful.

  9. JarieLyn - You're just as big an Iwanna queen as I am :-)

    Where would we be without our dreams right?

  10. Better and more efficient storage space is something Iwanna too. I think I should clean out my closets first though. LOL

  11. I'm-a already-a a follower-a.

    I'd double-dip, if I could. But, I can't.

    LOVE the closets, though! Every. Single. One. They're so neat and organized and spacious and already filled with scads of fabulous clothes and shoes and accessories.

    I'm typing to you from my office-slash-closet.



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