Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tablescape Under Construction or I'm so not ready!

I was hoping to have my Tablescape complete for today's Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, but unfortunately my lunch hour was too rushed for me to pick up the fabric I needed for my flatware display and then I had dinner with my dad and my sister after work and now it's pretty late.

So I'm going to do an Under Construction Tablescape and share my post from yesterday. I've gotten part of the tablescape done, but there are still quite a few things I need and hopefully I can shop for the items I need this weekend and do a complete tablescape post next week.

Once you're done checking out my tablescape, be sure to click on the button below and visit all the other beautiful tablescapes being shared.

Tablescape from Iwanna Wednesday

I got lucky yesterday after work. I stopped by Goodwill on the way home from work to see if I could find some plates to display in the plate holder in my kitchen that were Holidayish and I found these. Here's the set of them in the plate holder. (Pardon my pictures, it's nighttime and the lighting isn't all that great in the kitchen)

Then here they are individually. There's a large and small plate that each match and then a middle size Snowman Plate.

I really loved them when I saw them and I took it as a sign that they were meant for me because they match the masthead/banner on my blog right? Iwanna'd them right then and there.

And the price was right. The large plates came in a set of eight with the smaller plates for $7.94.

The middle size Snowman plate's were a set of eight for $3.94. Not bad right? The plates are made by Sakura and these are the 1999 Snowman Version by Debbie Mumm.

There are four different designs of the middle size Snowman plate which I'll do a separate post on later...hopefully a tablescape.

I wanted to do a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday since I've never done one. I set the dishes up tonight but you know what I don't have that Iwanna?

A lot of stuff. I don't have any tablecloths or linens. I don't have any flatware/silverware. I don't have any red, green or blue goblets. I don't have any pretty salt and pepper shakers. I don't have any small cute little sparkly knicky-knacks to display. So what Iwanna today is all of the above. Let me show you.

First, I found these salt and and pepper shakers which match the plates and they're a fun design like the plates.

But then I saw these and Iwanna them too. Aren't they adorable? They're Christmas lights!

If I had found a more elegant and traditional set of dishes at Goodwill then maybe I would have used some salt and pepper shakers more like these.

Iwanna these green ones, but I think it's just because green is my favorite color, although these are truly gorgeous!

So on to the flatware/silverware. I have a couple of sets, but just silverware, nothing fancy or cute and certainly nothing Christmassy. But Iwanna any one of the below!

This one is by Spode and it has the prettiest little Christmas Trees on the handles.

These next ones would match the playfulness of my new dishes, but still are elegant enough that I could use them with a traditional set of dishes for Christmas and even for Valentine's day right? Iwanna these for sure!

Since I don't see myself buying flatware in the near future and it's really hard to find a set at Goodwill at the drop of a hat, I really loved this idea because you can just use your everyday silverware but look at how it's displayed!

Iwanna get some ribbon and netting tomorrow and try to do this. I think it would look even pretty with silk instead of the netting, don't you? And you could use this idea for tons of different holidays, pink for Valentines Day. Bright Green for St. Patricks Day. Orange for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Cute idea huh?

I really didn't have a lot of luck finding a tablecloth Iwanna'd, but I know that I can always just find the fabric Iwanna and have my mom make it for me. But I did like this one.

And now for the glasses. I do have some of those Christmas Holly glasses that I think everyone in the world has and those will do for now, but Iwanna these glasses since I can Iwanna anything in the world on Iwanna Wednesday.

These for fun with my fun new Snowman plates.

These for more elegant, traditional dishes...dishes that I don't have but Iwanna but that's a whole different post :-)

Ok...and now the Christmas Knicky-Knacks. Since my dishes are playful I thought that these peppermint tealights would be pretty scattered around don't you think? Don't you Iwanna some of these yourself?

And something that I have always Iwanna'd is a moving Model Train set under the Christmas Tree, but hey...why not set it up in the middle of the table so it winds through the center and everyone can enjoy it while they eat?

I think that's why no one hires me to design tablescapes :-) I'm a little off the norm in that department. But don't you think this would be a great idea?

Both these trains are adorable. Last year I bought a really miniature set at the Dollar Store. Once the track is put together it measures about as round as a large cake plate. All my nieces and nephews really liked it...not to mention my 23 year old son :-)

I don't know if I will be able to pull this all together for Tablescape Thursday because I'm also still trying to finish up my cloches for the Cloche party on Friday, see the sidebar for details. That's why this blog is called Titere con Bonete because I truly don't' want to leave any puppet with a hat on because Iwanna be a part of and take a part in everything! Happy Wednesday ya'll!


  1. I wannna come over to your house for Christmas:) What a great tablescape in progress:)

  2. Alicia, I see where you're going, and it looks like so much FUN! Love those dishes and all the things you are looking at using to compliment them. I have those peppermint candles, and I enjoyed them last year!

    I'm totally behind and am missing this week. But I thought I would try and catch a few tables as I can.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh my goodness -- I was so surprised to see my Christmas In July tablescape here! How flattering. Those bags that have the flatware in them came from a craft store and were about $1 each. I'm so glad that you like the idea and hope you find a way to use it for your holiday decorating too!

    See ya!

  4. I love the snowman plates--so cute. I would love the s and p shakers that look like Christmas lights---cooooooooool. I think we need to have some tablescapes without all the fancy stuff so we can get some cheep easy ideas...ideas that we could use with stuff we have in our homes already....yup...I need some practical easy easy easy ideas. ;-)


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