Sunday, January 11, 2009

Broken Resolution!

Well I blew my #1 New Years Resolution already! I know, I know...I only made it last weekend, but here's my excuse, er...I mean explanation. I didn't have time. Yesterday I had a great day of shopping and eating with my daughter. I went up to visit her in Porterville which is about 1 hour away and the drive was soooo pretty and there were soooo many opportunities to take pictures, and of course I didn't take my camera! Next time I will.

I got there and we immediately headed to Visalia to a restaurant she really wanted to take me to that she loves called, Panera. Panera is a bakery/cafe and it smelled so yeasty and yummy when we walked in. I had the Chipotle Chicken Panini which is All-natural, antibiotic-free chicken, Applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar, tomatoes & ancho chipotle spread. I had the 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 soup, but you can also get a 1/2 salad. I had the Cheddar-Broccoli soup and it was so delicious. On the side you can get a bag of chips or a 1/2 baguette, I had the 1/2 baguette so I could sop up ever last drop of was incredible. Thank you April for introducing me to yet another sinful place :-)

Then we drove down Mooney looking for Clovis, Clovis the city, not the street. We never found it be we found some pretty cool and scary places. We ended up in a real seedy side of town with pimps and a bunch of bums in the park. We were kind of scared because they were jay-walking right in front of cop cars! But it was cool to see something and be somewhere so out of character for us.

We hit a Goodwill store, because I am a huge fan of Goodwill and Eddie Ross, not that Eddie Ross created Goodwill or anything, but he always finds such great things there! I love his blog. The one Visalia Goodwill we hit was not as wonderful as our local Bakersfield Goodwill stores, but with Goodwill's you have to visit them often as their stock is always changing!

Oh yeah, and on the way to Panera, we stopped at two local fresh fruit and produce stands. We bought some tangerines, clementines, kiwis, avocados and we got one sample of a blood orange, just so we could see what it was like. We both loved! It's so sweet and doesn't taste like an orange or a tangerine, it's weird, plus afterwards it left a tingling sensation on our tongues. We were going to get a bag of them on the way home, but it was closed when we headed back :-(

April...if your reading this, bring your momma a bag of them when you come home next weekend!

I also bought a jar of pomegranate jelly for my sister as she loves it and you can't ever find it anywhere and it's harder than heck to make, but someday I'm going to try this recipe and do it! And I bought a jar of Pickled Hot Cauliflower for my brother, which I may or may not give him since it's looking pretty good to me!

Anyway, we headed to Tulare to Walmart as I had some staples to get there, like shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, etc. Then we headed back to Porterville which we hit Fosters Freeze and had burgers and root beer floats.

It was a good day and really lifted my spirits since I was feeling kinda depressed, probably due to the foggy weather here and PMS!

The drive home was really beautiful. It was a full moon last night and there's really nothing out there on the I65 except rolling hills and the moon shining on them almost made it look like they were lit up, it was so beautiful! It kinda of looked a little like this: looked almost exactly like this except for the vegetation on the hills was different, not so much trees and bushes as long, dried grass. But it was beautiful and peaceful and made me glad I was able to witness it.

So anyway, that's why I didn't follow resolution #1 this weekend. Now you may say, "But wait, that was Saturday! Why didn't you follow resolution #1 on Sunday". Well I started out with cleaning and organizing kitchen cabinets and doing laundry. Then my mom called because they were bbqing, so I went over there and well, now it's too late to cook. I'll be more faithful next weekend.

But it was a lovely weekend! And now I'm off to watch the Golden Globes! Have a great week!

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