Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reflections from a Mother's Heart

Ok, I know that I made a resolution and that today is Thursday and it's time for my weekly installment of a mother's heart, but sometimes being a mother gets in the way! Today after work I had to go pick up my daughter's car that I had dropped off super early this morning at the Saturn dealership. So after picking it up, I had to stop at Walmart and then by the time I drove home and fixed dinner and ate dinner well it's 7:30 and American Idol starts in 1/2 an hour and even though I am very prepared for my topic tonight I just don't have the focus I would like to have for this topic.

The question/topic this week is: Describe your grandparents houses. Did you visit them often? Why or why not?

Last week's post was kind of halfhearted and my sis and I kinda discussed it and I told her I had decided to read the question a few days ahead of time so that I would have time to think about it and put my thoughts together. So that's what I did this time, but I want to really be sharp and make it an interesting post. So be patient, my reflections are coming.

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