Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm such a Dweeb but I still love Goodwill

A couple of weeks ago on the way home from work my sis and I stopped at a Goodwill store that we love, to buy some books. This particular Goodwill specializes in books and has a small area with nick-knacks. My sis pointed out a really cute little green tole tray with a grape design painted on it. I'm trying to do my kitchen in a grape design and that's why she noticed it.

I looked at it and while I really liked it a lot I'm trying to be pickier with the things I buy and make the most of my money. So I kinda thought about it and couldn't think of anywhere I would have room for it and I put it back.

Well that evening, I was checking out some blogs and I ran across this super clever and creative lady. And I clicked on her Yardsales and Thrifting link and came across this picture:

That's pretty darn close to the tole tray we saw at Goodwill!! And I have an empty space right above my kitchen window that has NOTHING on it! That tole tray would have looked beautiful over the window, just like the picture above.

I immediately called my sis and told her to go to the web page and see the picture. She said, "I told you to buy it" when she saw this picture and she said, "we'll go back tomorrow and it should still be there". Well darned if it wasn't! That's why I'm a dweeb, because I should have bought it when I had the chance and not tried to be smart and thrifty and conservative and all those other words for "cheap-ass"!

So now, I've been going Goodwilling with my mom this weekend and last weekend hoping to find something similar, but no luck yet...but I will. I also told my mom we're going to start yard-sailing once the weather gets warmer, cause there are a lot of treasures out there and I want my share!

I have bought some pretty cool things at Goodwill these past two weekends, but unfortunately I can't post them because they are going to be gifts for some family members, but you'll see them around April, July, October, those are the heaviest birthday months for our family.

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