Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being an Iwanna pays off! I may change my name officially!

For my dear, faithful readers...I'm talking to you April and Lisa...remember this Iwanna Wednesday? Well being an Iwanna has paid off! I wanted champagne flutes and I got champagne flutes, just look!

My dear, sweet daughter April brought these home for me before she left for her MIT program in Arizona. We had a send-off BBQ for her and I got the gift! Aren't they beautifully gorgeous? I just love them and can't wait til she comes back home and we can have breakfast together and have our mimosas (champagne and orange juice).

Thank you April, love you soooooooooooo much!

For now though, I've got them displayed in what I call my china hutch, although it's really just a bookcase in my kitchen.

Some of you with a keen eye may note right away that on the first shelf to the far right is a glass filled with what looks to be beer caps. Umm, well ok, yeah...they are beer caps. But I did not drink all those beers myself, although I did contribute one or two or three, but heck...who's counting right? Those are actually for a project I'm going to be working on and I'll show you when I get going with that.

But anyway, on the very bottom shelf I want to point out some antique cups and saucers. Those belonged to my mother-in-law, who is now my ex-mother-in-law...well actually my dead mother-in-law, oops I mean my dead ex-mother-in-law. Whatever, they belonged to her and now they're mine and someday I'll pass them on to one of my grandchildren as a family heirloom.

The little child's tea set in front of the cups and saucers belongs to my sister Lisa. That was given to her more than 40 years ago (I won't say exactly when lest it give you my sister's true age and since I'm older than her, well...that's just not allowed) by our beloved Tia Nico. And someday I'm sure she will pass them on to one of her granddaughters. Right now she's got a house full of testosterone (boys) and they have no interest in them except maybe as hockey pucks or spit cups or some other gross boy I'm keeping them in trust...for her. Oh yeah, and that little rose colored doily they are all sitting on...I crocheted that. Yep, with my own two hands!

Here's a close up of the second shelf so you can see where I have place two of the champagne flutes April gave me. The emerald green goblets are a Goodwill find and I only have two of them and that's what April and I have been using for our mimosas. The olive green goblets were also a gift from April, she truly knows her momma and what her momma likes! The little glass roses in the vase are a Valentines day gift more than 5 years ago from my dear friend Stacie who I never see anymore because she moved to San Diego. We met when we were both going to University of Phoenix. That's why I love stuff, because it all has such great memories tied to it and when you see those things, you remember those people and what they mean in your life and the part they played and still play in it. If you look real closely on the stem of the olive green goblets you see little red and green thingys. Those are wine glass markers that my mom gave me several years ago to mark each person's glasses so you don't get them mixed up during the party (drunken orgy). The red one is a little slice of cheese and the green one is a little bunch of grapes. I also have one with a champagne/wine bottle and a champagne glass and various other ones. So everytime I have a party (drunken orgy), I will remember my dear sweet mom (well maybe not until after the orgy).Here's a closeup view of the top shelf with the other two champagne flutes. The amber colored glasses were given to me by my mom. I'm not sure where she got them as that's normally not an item she would purchase for herself as she prefers everything to be plastic (grand kids and all). I must ask her about that. She also gave me the roses behind the glasses, they're silk and I think she bought them to make wreaths for the graves of her parents and siblings in Arizona and I must have coveted I usually do, and she gave them to me. I've had them for probably more than 10 years (I never throw anything away!). In the little crystal you see there is another little Crystal which was given to me by my nephew/godson Isaac. He's always giving me things. For Christmas he gave me some really cute blue snowmen which I will have to show you this Christmas as they're all packed away. But here's an early valentine's present he gave me just today.

Isn't that the cutest! It's a little red heart shaped candy dish. And just today I had bought a bag of miniature Heath bars! It was meant to be!

And here's a pic of Isaac and his other two cousins. Isaac is the tall one, he's the oldest, then Gabriel is the next oldest and then little Fred is the baby of all the boys. Handsome little guys don't you think?

At least they are when they're being serious. Thanks you bunches and bunches!

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