Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Tonight - Be there Baby!

Ok, I’m on my lunch hour and suddenly realized that…AMERICAN IDOL!...starts again tonight. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge fan. I didn’t become one until the year that we had two Kern Countians (is that even a word?) on the show. They didn’t win, but they were local. Since then, I’m hooked big time. Anyone that knows me knows that Tuesday and Wednesday I come home to watch Idol so don’t invite me anywhere (not that I ever get invited anywhere but it makes me sound and feel popular to write that).

I was reading a Yahoo TV Blog by Matt Whitfield and he’s talking about the changes that will be made to the show and how he feels about the changes, so I kind of wanted to add my 2cents for whatever it’s worth (which isn’t much since my blog’s not on Yahoo!).

Change Numero Uno – FEWER FREAKS
I can do without as many freaks. I don’t mind watching those poor saps that think they have talent and then cry when they find out they don’t, but I can do WITHOUT the ones that have to curse everyone and their mother! I think there’s entirely too much cursing & meanness during the audition phase of the show.

So seems like they’re going to have us “get to know” the contestants more before the top 12. I don’t know, I could go both ways with this. I like the stories, but I hate the sob stories, kids sleeping in their cars with no parents, contestants whose dad died while they were standing on line but they kept on standing on line because that was dad’s dream for them? Time and place, time and place.

Change Numero Tres – WILD CARD ROUND
Apparent the judges will select the final three contestants that will be part of the Top 12. I agree. Much as I love voting and all, I think it becomes a popularity contest and not a talent contest. The judges (most of them…ok, Simon) aren’t swayed by popularity.

Cambio Number Four (Did you know I was so bilingual?) – TOP 12 SPLIT
There won’t be an even 6/6 split anymore. I just hope this doesn’t backfire as way more young little teenybopper girls watch and vote than boys/men, so we may end up with a bunch of cute/gorgeous male non-talents and some great women may go by the wayside…we’ll see.

Change Numero Cinco – NEW JUDGE
I don’t know much about the new judge and I don’t want too. I just want the judges I know and love, especially Paula. But I plan to give her a chance, I just want her to be different. I don’t want her to be the female Simon or Randy, or another Paula. Hopefully they will let her be her own woman.

I guess this is ok, that way I can get to bed sooner.

Fewer Themes and Younger Mentors – this could be good. I liked some of the themes but a lot of the young contestants didn’t even know the mentors, nor really could they care less.

But it’s a new season everyone, Fasten your seatbelts, grab you remotes and lets go!

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