Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reflections from a Mother's Heart

I decided Thursdays would be my day to take a question out of the journal "Reflections from a Mother's Heart. This week has been so hot that I haven't felt much like doing anything. Lisa and I did try to go play tennis last night, but people were using the tennis courts, so we had ice cream cones and played ping pong instead.

The question this week is:

Were you baptized or dedicated as an infant? If so, where and by whom.

I was baptized into the Catholic church as an infant. Of course I don't remember anything about it and I've never seen a picture, so I can only assume that 50 years ago, there were no cameras in our immediate family.

I do know that my mom and dad's first choice for godparents "padrinos" were Arturo and Casimera Soliz. I don't know the story about why they were not able to actually make it to the baptism itself. I know something happened and Arturo's parents, Adolfo and Carmen Soliz were at the ceremony by proxy. So I had 2 sets of padrinos.

I don't know who the priest was, but I know it was at St. Helens Catholic Church in Eloy, Arizona and I also made my first Holy Communion there.

When I got married, I chose Arturo and Casimera as my main padrinos, since they had already been my padrino's for baptism, which is usually the custom.

Today, only Casimera and Carmen are still living, the men having passed on. I see my Tia Casi a few times a year, but it's been years since I've seen my madrino Carmen and she's only a few miles away in a nursing home. Maybe this Saturday I'll ask my mom to go with me to visit her.

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